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Re: <nettime> {WORD FREQUENCY} of Axis of Evil

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Subject: <nettime> {WORD FREQUENCY} of Axis of Evil


      Thanks for listing the word frequency 
of George The Beast Bush's State of the 
Union Address, 2002.  
      The geopolitical word-hoard of 
globalization unspun? The Beasts most
frequently used words? 

      It is curious to see the word 'law'
only twice in the lexicon of the new world
order. 'Order' itself is absent in the new
big lie for the new great game.

      From the pit of this perverse English 
I drew: 

'Love is the Outlaw.'

     Once again.

    The Beast's most used words?

    Applause Amercia World Nation Terrorist.

    Time for America to have its post-Cold 
War revolution, and to become what it 
promised to be.



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