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Patrice Riemens patrice at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 14 19:04:26 IST 2002

Check out this initiative & consider joining!

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Subject: Join FREE.THE.MEDIA! and support the Free Media Foundation!
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 21:14:57 -0400

Join FREE.THE.MEDIA! and support the Free Media Foundation!

Dear Reader of the Sarai-Reader-List,

   We need your support to keep our
   space in Manhattan and to continue
   to present excellent events and
   Become a part of Free.The.Media! a
   member supported autonomous network
   and cultural think tank and help reclaim
   public space on the net and preserve free
   speech, privacy and access for all. 

   Work toward building autonomous virtual
   communities and enfranchising members in
   a mutually supported public network. 

   Participate in creative web projects and
   campaigns for free speech and civil
   society in and out of cyberspace. 

   Interact with a rich talent pool of artists,
   journalists, activists, technologists and
   excellent humans on a regular basis in a
   creative, online media environment. 

   Learn the politics and economics of media
   and networks and play a role in shaping
   the democratic process in cyberspace and

   Build a network, create sustainable,
   autonomous spaces to meet, work,
   discuss, present, party and move toward
   building a better world. 
   Attend events and participate in
   workshops to share knowledge and
   experience in the fields of art,
   media, technology and activism.
   like this one http://freethemedia.org/events
   that we had on Saturday, 02.02.02

   View the netcast archive:
   Join today! http://Join.FreeTheMedia.org
   Come by and visit us this week Tuesday through Friday
   from 7 PM to 10 PM:

	   Name.Space Lab
	   11 East 4th Street 2F
	   New York, NY 10003
	   ring bell #2
  By appointment only!
  Please RSVP first with the day, time, names of
  guests, by sending email to:  events at freethemedia.org

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