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Kenji Siratori white-b at d4.dion.ne.jp
Tue Feb 19 09:27:36 IST 2002

"your soul that becomes unknown=the zero of the universe that turned vital
by brain does cannibal race of clone=love?"

my dog which rapes the anti-faustic sun of the gene in the desert of an
embryo does the nebula of the disillusionment of the quark to the drug star
of road that the manhole of a cadaver shines the body of storage to the
rhinoceros bar body of the embryo of the respiratory arrest the image of the
horizon to the placenta of the extreme north of BABEL LOAD to the keyhole of
the suicide of the cell other selfs that sleeps in the deep sea interference
and be blockading the earth to the brain puzzle of road of an ant fuck
chromosome=of crab locus of eyeball that fly was betrayed to the velocity of
light scream of the machine that is falling=to the dramatic hearing of the
fatalities the world sonic the future tense of ADAM that <F> suspends the
madman of the cosmic ant the pupil I become to the secret promise of the
rhinoceros bar change of the cadaver city able to ride take that heart the
virgin of a jaguar is the micro=acme of the body the brain of the embryo
gets confused be exposed to the gimmick documentary of a cadaver it plays
strange the love of the hell of the cell that my human body drifts to the
maze of the DIGITAL=quickening and the earth where is latent to the quark of
treachery crashes to the clonic strings of the reverse side in the moon the
negative limit of a cell to body tissue palpitation the body of the
fretfulness of an ant without becoming acquainted with exit of etc of the
spiral is jointed to the soul that an embryo was disillusioned and to cause
any births of the world to the anti-faustic to the cruel stratification of a
chromosome subsided to the hope of the mutation of the hell of the cell that
rapes the soul in future to the undirt murder person of the emotional
particle of strange speed of the chameleon who is pierrot of earth outside
circle=of=to the soul of the sterility that begins to overflow to the
internal organ murder of pupil of which dream-plays....the plug is scattered
are caused to the rays of the space=zero that the cell other selfs reverse
to the localization of the slaughter of the sun the true violent=skizophone
of the cell disguised and the laughter of the mask to the body that leaps
the quantum of the ant that the blue sky is infectious!

Kenji Siratori

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