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Call Out For Material For Next SchNEWS Annual 

Its that time where we’re putting together the another SchNEWS Annual. 
This year the book will be called ‘SchNEWS of the World’ - so that means 
that as well as the 50 issues, and loads of other articles - there will 
be an emphasis on taking those tabloid hacks on at their own game!!! 

SO we are after pictures, articles, cartoons, satirical material, 
subverts etc. about relevant and interesting events, actions and so on 
which have happened between April 2001 - April 2002. Whether it's taking 
on the corporate scum-bags head on for your land in Africa, Latin 
America, central Australia or East London, and/or making positive steps 
for a sustainable happy world in your local community or planet, we want 
your story in the book. And if you’ve got some tabloid newspaper gags 
which haven’t been done 1000 times already
 then send em in. 

Your articles can be either short - accompanying a pic - or else email us 
if you have an idea for an up-to-1,800 word article. Editorial deadline 
will be early April 2002 but get in contact well before then. Please give 
pics time/place details (and make em 300 dpi 10x12 cm jpgs if you’re 
emailing em). Unless stated otherwise your material will be credited to 
you, and anti-copyright (for not-for-profit use), or else you can retain 
copyright. Pay - err - sorry we’re all working for free. 

If you aren’t sure what SchNEWS is: it’s a free weekly direct action info 
newsheet from Brighton UK. (visit http://www.schnews.org.uk ), and every 
year - or 50 issues - we burn the candle at both ends and produce an 
annual. Again this year it will be a 280 page B5 book, selling for around 
£7, which will come out in early June. 

If you have specific questions please reply to schnews at brighton.co.uk or 
email us text files and jpg or tif pictures, or paper copies of things 
(just be prepared to wait a few months to see them again). 

Hope to hear from you soon,
John & Book Crew

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