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Contest Calling 
Periferic Extensions 
Hack the Borderline 3.0 

-	Borderhack is a camp/festival, part of the chain of bordercamps "Kein mensch ist illegal", being Tijuana its host, in the Playas de Tijuana delegation, in front of the borderline, just when it goes down the sea. During three days , August 16, 17 and 18 of  2002 there’ll be settled a camping where several activities will take part, such as conferences, speeches, classes, photographic exhibitions, digital art and multimedia interactives, films and documentals projections, as well as computer area, where the festival will be in contact with the rest of the world by net, showing some of the activities and updating information on the web page. 


	If at the beginnings of the past decade, it was thought, ingenuously,  that after a line of militar governments, Latinamerican democratic institutions were consolidated as platforms to solve social , politic and economic problematics, at the end they were only useful to unveil the governments limits.

Psychological Frontiers 
“Vladivideos” led us know the dark ways between security organisms and the high camera of Perú, erasing the national hero image, starring ex president Fujimori, and being  induced by himself, to the public opinion.
 Social Frontiers
Failed strike showed us a Venezuelan society divided in two factions, one of each very illiterate, and the other pretty greedy.

Symbolic Frontiers
The posponed version of the Sao Paulo Biennal has left, as a result, the turistic mythification of a country used only to export exotic stuff, divided between the tv soaps and the Deep Brazil. 


You’re invited to the making of a project, if you live in Latinamerica and the Caribe. 

The project will be about phisical interventions inside a metropolitan context. 
These interventions, will have to unveil symbolic, social and psychological frontiers. 

The projects will be sent by postal mail to: 
Ignacio Nieto
Ipacarai 1450, Vitacura
Santiago, Chile

It will content: 		
a) Project (Description, fundaments and objetives of it)   
b) A sketch graphically explaining its making				
c) Curriculum Vitae 
d) Cathalogs and photographies of exhibitions, or pieces made by the aspirant. 

The closing date to send the project will be July 25th of  2002. All the works arrived after that date won’t be admissed.

The projects will be checked and sellected. The chosen ones will be notified by e-mail, on August 5th, to the inclusion in the Borderhack 3.0 program. 
Since Borderhack is an independent exhibition without money involved, the stuff received won’t be returned. 

The chosen interventions have to be made the days of August 16, 17 and18, in sinchronicity with the festival in Tijuana.

Public interventions have to be registered by video or photograpies. 
Each chosen participant will invite a person to write a text about his/her work. 
Each participant has to create a map to show where the interventions has been made.
Texts, registers and maps will be sent for a future cathalog, and for a web page. Those have to be sent to the next address: 

Ignacio Nieto
Ipacarai 1450, Vitacura
Santiago, Chile

The closing date to send the register and the texts will be September 5th.


Extensiones Perifericas
Borderhack 3.0
Ignacio Nieto
Ipacarai 1450 Vitacura
Santiago Chile
Movil 095114452
igcionito at mail.com


People who have participated on versions before:
Florian Schneider // Dj Spooky // Micro radio Aztlan // Robin Rimbaud aka // Scanner // Cristine Wang // JODI // Rtmark // Mark Dery // Ricardo Dominguez // Geert Lovink // Douglas Rushkoff // Apsolutno // Antonio Alvarado // Arcangel Constantini // Raul Ferrera Balanquet // Pedro Jiménez // Andreja Kuluncic // OG Mass T. Lander // Pavu.com // Francesca Da Rimini // Trebor Scholz // Ventsislav Zankov // Dan Arenzon // David Casacuberta // Quim Gil // Pacho // Jenny Marketou // Klub Radio // Sarah Lewinson Rafael Lozano Hemmer // Larry Shaw // Alex Rivera // La place // Natalie Bookchin // Osfavelados Fiambrera(españa)/CalArts // Ford Proco // Eddo Stern // Gloria 
Marti // Arturo Fuentes

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