[Reader-list] All lies in 24 frames per second at SRFTI,Kolkata.

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Mon Jun 3 11:24:26 IST 2002

dear friends,

At the root of all "external authority" are individuals seeking to avoid integrated thinking in their livelihoods.

 This is after reading the news on SRFTI doing a workshop for physically handicap children. Both the person�s  quoted out here to elevate the potentials of filmmaking has nothing to do with films. I am a graduate of SRFTI. They have been planning all �unkempt� activities in the premises to gather attention at the midst of controversy surrounding mass corruption and illegal activities. The two public petitions filed by eminent personalities are ample proof. Budhadeb Dasgupta took away all the wealth of the institute. We spat on him and drove him away like the chewed stump of a fag. The other man (the left�s artist of Kolkata) also did the same. He gave away the best equipments of the country to his friends and relatives. He himself was doing a postproduction work of his film disturbing the curriculum of the students. Another women filmmaker famous for her first film, that beautiful damsel also did the same. Ha!!!! They represent the countries �Art� filmmakers. They all are stinking. Why don�t somebody tell them to stop making films. I think that�s good in a way now for SRFTI to project themselves. The pursuer of knowledge should know his target. I specifically say knowledge, and not information. (Knowledge will include discrimination as well) he knows that there is no creation and for that reason there is no dissolution. So he fears.! 

A matured outlook in the choice of the means of knowledge, which connects the knower, and the knowledge. The real knowledge emerges out when the knower and the knowledge becomes one with the disappearance of the means of knowledge. 

Now this is not to say that I'm even very good at being subversive. I dare say that most people who try to be subversive end up succeeding much better than I do, by describing the construction of pipe bombs or advocating socialism, pointing out giant security holes in various widely-used programs, releasing whole professional operating system for free, or sowing discontent among the masses. Relatively speaking, I'm a nobody in the world of subversives. But that's okay. But the real question that a wise person would ask is this: why the subversion? 

Subversion is, by my definition, a resistance to the status quo. It is the "check" in "checks and balances," the "correction" in the market, and the "invisible hand" (to borrow from Adam Smith) in society. I think my reasoning for why I believe subversion to be a good and moral activity is best described by the Hegelian world view, which advocates having an idea (a thesis) clash with an opposing idea (the antithesis) to produce a compromise that is closer to the truth (synthesis). If the status quo is considered to be the thesis, then subversives represent an antithesis and must be seriously considered in their own right 

Please don�t think myself to be arrogant because brother, I have learnt it the hard way. Not really interested to be hooked to the "subtitles" of Robert Bresson, Andr� Tarkovsky and highly saleable brahmanical filmmakers like late G. Arvindan. Also, would you agree that upsurges of class struggle, which don't have a widespread libertarian socialist political consciousness will always run the risk of being hijacked by the Left and the rest of the leadership brigade? 

Someone should also bomb SRFTI. I am looking for individuated form of expressions, which is far from �institutionalized� form of culture. Can you believe these are the same assholes that send my diploma film to Oberhausen for the competition with out subtitling? And they find it quite all right.  Its fantastic to close down state sponsored schools under the regime of these idiots. Its was a joke of the day to read the article in the sarai news bulletin. 

With regards,

Vipin Vijay.

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