[Reader-list] Response to Rehan - Where the fuck does the money go?

Zainab Bawa coolzanny at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 4 10:16:41 IST 2002

Dear Ravi,
Thanks for the info. I got ot know of the 'on-paper NGOs' particularly in 
regard to Kashmir. Nowadays, money is being pumped crazily into Kashmir. 
CAPART was apparently conducting a research on NGOs which exist in reality 
because they wanted to promote honest NGOs in Kashmir. They discovered that 
at least about 6000 NGOs only existed on paper.
Once people get caught in the trap of creating 'on-paper NGOs' in Kashmir, 
it seems that life can then become a living hell.
All this for development. Let's see what's more to come.

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