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WHAT: Shared Frequencies, a series of public presentations of urban environmental sound and walkie talkie transmissions mixed and electronically processed through a live, mobile P.A. system.
WHERE: Various streetside locations in New York City.
WHEN: For three months beginning in June.  Public events to be announced via email (sharedfrequencies at eudoramail.com).

Kabir Carter, the project's organizer, will present a limited series of impromptu and scheduled public presentations of the project.  Shared Frequencies combines urban environmental sound with 2-way radio transmissions (within a limited radius) and signal processing to create both live and recorded "snapshots" of sonic phenomena that are instantaneously transmitted and "broadcast" courtesy a mobile P.A. system.  Kabir Carter is an artist whose work in electroacoustics and sound art presently focuses on the roles that urban environmental sound and acoustic communications technology play in constructing social and acoustic space. 
In this project, individuals will be encouraged to become involved through active listening and participation in an ad hoc and real time acoustic rendering of the urban landscape.  As an additional twist on the notion of street vending, CD recordings of previous transmissions and presentations will be made available to the public free of charge (a donation equal to the actual cost of the CD will be asked and all money received will be used to produce additional CDs).

As a rereading and reversal of the function of the street "artist" (busker/musician, vendor of inexpensive (and sometimes pirated) wares), Shared Frequencies hopes to put the pedestrian in the position of the listener, the listener in the position of the sound producer, and the sound producer in the position of the passerby and itinerant vendor.  By shifting the roles and functions of passersby and vendors, A new psychogeographic terrain is exposed; the sounds that are transmitted, processed, and recorded will help map its routes and construct its architecture.

Projected outdoor studio locations include: 125th Street and Lenox Avenue; Astor Place; Canal Street and Broadway; Ave. of the Americas & 8th Street; 42nd Street and Times Square; Metrotech Center in Brooklyn; and others.  Presentations will be announced via email and information on the project can be received by contacting sharedfrequencies at eudoramail.com.

Shared Frequencies is funded by a New York City Independent Radio and Sound Art Fellowship, a program of Media Alliance funded by The Jerome Foundation.

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