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Michael Arnold Mages marnoldm at du.edu
Sat Aug 2 00:05:50 IST 2003

Please join us at -empyre- for a month's discussion of .microsound with
five practitioners of the art form. Sound at the molecular level - slices
of sound that are less than .1 second in length, made accessible by
digital sound editing technologies - are the realm of .microsound.
Microsound artists stretch and massage these tiny bits of sound into
spatially intense, surprisingly expressive works that cover a wide range
of styles.

---> Trace Reddell { http://www.du.edu/~treddell/ } has been exploring the
intersections of audio and multimedia production, digital networks, media
theory, literary criticism, and the history of drug culture for almost
fifteen years. He resides in Lafayette, Colorado, where he spends much of
his time in Pharmakopolis. Trace's literary sound and multimedia pieces
include LITMIXER (2001) { http://www.altx.com/ebr/ebr12/litmix/index.htm
}, featured in Electronic Book Review's music/sound/noise issue, and
"Machinery for Dreaming" {
}, an exercise in .txt-to-.midi conversion exploring the work of Thomas De
Quincey. Collaborative projects and affiliations include the pharmakon.t
remix { http://www.djrabbi.com/ } work at djrabbi.com with Mark Amerika,
Chad Mossholder of Twine, and Rick Silva; and Pharmakopolis Broadcasting
Services, an upcoming series of live webcast animations created for
Randall Packer's Tel-SPAN network. Publications on networked laptop
performances are forthcoming from Leonardo Music Journal and Electronic
Almanac and Contemporary Music Review.

---> john hudak { http://www.johnhudak.net/ } bio: I began piano lessons
in first grade. I remember the teacher was Japanese, and her home had a
feeling of preciseness. The piano I had my lessons on was immaculate...
the keys were smooth, cool, ivory, with a definite weight under my little

---> Glenn Bach { http://www.csulb.edu/~gbach/sound.html } is a sound
artist who maps the sonic terrain of the city through detailed sound
walks, manipulated field recordings, blind sound drawings, and found
poems. His audio works include a recently released four-track EP on the
Stasisfield label { http://www.stasisfield.com/ }. With a recent
appearance at Sound/Shift Oakland, Bach has upcoming performances at the
Big Sur Experimental Music Festival and the CPEACH Summer Series in
Eureka, California. He improvises with two other musicians as Luminous
Flux, and directs a larger group, The Double Blind Ensemble, for his
composed works. His poetry has been published in numerous small press
literary journals, and he received three Pushcart Prize nominations for
his poetry in print. He currently lives in Long Beach, California, with
his future wife.

---> Sound and visual artist John Kannenberg {
http://www.whistlingpariah.com } formed the experimental improvisational
duo Wireshock with guitarist Scott Kane in 1997 and began exploring
electronics and computer-aided composition. In 1999, John began work as a
solo sound artist using manipulated field recordings as the foundation for
loop-based generative electronic pieces. His major audio and visual works
deal with a variety of themes, including atmospherics, transmissions and
interference { http://www.stasisfield.com/releases/aero/ }, melancholy and
nostalgia { http://www.stasisfield.com/releases_02/2002-miles/ }, and
abstracted narrative tales. John has exhibited several sound art
installations, alone and as part of a collective known as J3. In April
2002 John created Stasisfield.com { http://www.stasisfield.com/ }, an
experimental mp3 record label and digital art gallery.

---> tobias c. van Veen { http://www.quadrantcrossing.org } is a sound &
net.artist { http://www.thisistheonlyart.com }, curator,
techno-turntablist, and writer. He has been enmeshed with musikal
resistance culture since 1993 / working with -- tactical radio {
http://www.citr.ca }, TAZ occupations { http://www.shrumtribe.com } /
performance & tactical media { http://www.quadrantcrossing.org/blog  }. ||
tobias is currently a researcher on the "Culture of Cities" Project {
http://www.arts.mcgill.ca/programs/ahcs/cultureofcities/  } at McGill
University in MontrC)al, Canada, where he is completing his MA in
Communications on the politics of sonic microcultures {
http://amsterdam.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-0307/msg00035.html }
& remixing a book of collaborative sonic writings on electrofied sounds
and events.

Michael Arnold Mages
mailto:marnoldm at du.edu

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