[Reader-list] Voices 78: 14 August 2003

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Thu Aug 14 03:23:25 IST 2003

This Week's Voices That Must Be Heard
By IPA-New York, a sponsored project of the Independent Press Association 
Edition 78: 14 August 2003. 

Will a bubble burst in Bronx real estate? by Jordan Moss, Norwood News, 27 August 2003. English language. 
On June 25, the University Neighborhood Housing Program in North Fordham, celebrated its 20th anniversary in helping community groups purchase residential apartment buildings. But the mood wasn't all celebratory, as the nonprofit took the occasion to issue a warning about a serious vulnerability in the borough's housing market. MORE.

Open a road for Chinatown's economy: Residents protest Park Row's closure since Sept. 11 by Wing-hong Yip, China Press, 1 August 2003. Translated from Chinese by Connie Kong. 
The aftermath of September 11 forced the city to close many streets in Chinatown. Since then, all but one street-which links Chinatown to City Hall-have reopened. Now, a group of residents are fighting to have this street, which is vital to Chinatown's fragile economy, reopened. MORE. 

I refuse to be a mouthpiece for anti-Pakistani dialogue, India Weekly - USA, 10 August 2003. English language. 
Indian filmmakers have produced dozens of war and terrorism films in which Pakistan is always the enemy. But in an uncharacteristically aggressive move, one of the biggest Bollywood stars has taken a stance against this practice. "I told Sharma to clean out the anti-Pakistani dialogues or else I'd quit," he said. MORE. 

Squatting in a basement: Population boom in the '90s led to an explosion in illegal rentals, Nowy Dziennik / Polish Daily News, 7 August 2003. Translated from Polish by Ania Milewska. 

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