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Terms of Reference: CRIS/EED South Participation fund

EED (The Church Development Service, Germany) has generously granted
funds for the facilitation of participants to CRIS related activities.
The CRIS campaign is glad to inform you that it will be able to sponsor
active CRIS members and supporters to events that we feel are key to the
campaign for Communication Rights in the Information Society.


1. support available is primarily for participation in CRIS campaign
meetings, including working groups, the coordinating committee and
regional events

2. the event which the beneficiary attends should be an important one for
the development of CRIS, and the beneficiaries presence should
contribute to this

3. beneficiaries should be from countries/organisations who could not
afford to take part in CRIS meetings if such assistance was not

4. beneficiaries should be (or become) active members of one or more
CRIS working groups and should bring relevant expertise to the meeting

Overall requirement:
Please provide a short statement showing how your application fits
within the above criteria together with a budget estimate. Additionally,
specific activities and requirements will be asked of the grantee, based
on the specifics of the event (please see below).

The applications will be sent to a grant allocation panel constituted of
3 CRIS participants. The decision will be made by the panel and the
candidate will be advised of the allocation in due course. All grants
will be allocated only on the basis of receipts sent to the
administrator of the grant.

CRIS is currently looking to support participants to attend the following

WSIS Preparatory Meeting 3 Geneva, Switzerland: 15-27 September 2003

The Prepcom 3 meetings will be dedicated to refining the working
documents for the Draft Declaration of Principles and Draft Action Plan.
The CRIS campaign recognises the importance of its participation in the
WSIS preparatory committee and will therefore contribute up to Euro 2000
per person for two delegates to attend the session. We will normally
also expect the delegates sponsoring organisation to make some
contribution towards the costs and this should be shown in the budget

Activities:The delegate may be asked to report regularly to the CRIS
International Secretariat and to support the campaign in various
activities that will be agreed in advance. The delegate will be asked to
participate in any planned CRIS meetings during the period.

Specific requirements:
In addition to the Overall Requirement as mentioned above, delegates
will be required to have the support of an NGO which is accredited to
participate in the Prepcom 3 meetings and will need to register as a
delegate of an accredited NGO.

All information related to prepcom 3 is available on:

Deadline: 25th August 2003

All applications should be sent to mh at wacc.org.uk
<mailto:mh at wacc.org.uk> as soon as possible and at the latest by the
above deadline. The application statement should highlight how the
applicant fulfils the overall criteria, the requirements for activities
and the specific requirements. Applications that do not clearly cover
the stated criteria will not be considered. Decision on allocation of
the grants will be done by 29th August 2003.

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