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This Week's Voices That Must Be Heard
By IPA-New York, a sponsored project of the Independent Press Association 
Edition 79: 21 August 2003. 

City contractor doing bad things to workers by Enrique Soria, El Diario / La Prensa, 14 August 2003. Translated from Spanish by Hirsh Sawhney. 
The labor practices of the construction company SSN General Construction Corp. are fraudulent say the company's workers. MORE.

Undocumented Filipino workers speak out against exploitation by Filipino employers by Anthony D. Advincula, Filipino Express, 17 August 2003. English language. 
"If I file a discrimination suit or any work-related charges with a government agency, and I'm undocumented, can Bloomberg's Executive Order 34 be applied to me?" asked a Filipino waiter in Queens, who works in a restaurant for $2 an hour. MORE. 

The ugliness of domestic violence in the Haitian community by Macollvie Jean-Francois, Haitian Times, 19 August 2003. English language. 
The highest rate of Brooklyn domestic violence incidents occurred in Flatbush's 67th Precinct in Flatbush, where the majority of New York's Haitians live. MORE. 

Korean kids get along with other kids, not other "Koreans" by Hui-kyung Kim, Korea Times New York, 15 August 2003. Translated from Korean by Sunyong Reinish. 
Increasing numbers of Korean middle and high school students are joining other minority students in peer groups or cliques. MORE. 

Undocumented, therefore unable to attend school by Ruth Hernandez Beltran, Hoy, 13 August 2003. Translated from Spanish by Nicole Lisa. 

How poisoned is poisoned? by Gabriel Thompson, Our Time Press, 1 August 2003. English language. 

A Muslim family in hell because of INS special registration by Partha Banerjee, Akhon Samoy, 19 August 2003. Translated from Bangla by Partha Banerjee. 

Queens' street named after Bangladeshi slain in hate crime, Akhon Samoy, 19 August 2003. Translated from Bangla by Partha Banerjee. 

When will Dr. Laura convert to moderation?, Forward, 15 August 2003. English language. 
Top-rated radio host Laura Schlessinger shocked both supporters and critics last week by telling her 12 million listeners that she was no longer observing Orthodox Jewish rites and rituals. MORE.

As always we welcome questions, suggestions, corrections and letters to the editor. 
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