[Reader-list] Campaign against Air Tel

Faizan Ahmed faizan at sarai.net
Fri Aug 22 15:25:15 IST 2003

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Subject: Campaign against Air Tel
Date: 22 Aug 2003 09:07:00 -0000
From: "Md  sajjad" <mdsajjad1 at rediffmail.com>
To: faizan at sarai.net, august_king at indiatimes.com, faizandse at rediffmail.com, 
khalidwasim at journalist.com, tajaman2001 at yahoo.com

Please launch a campaign against the AirTel. it is a great fraud.
It activated the voicemail box which costs not only to the caller
but to the recipient also.It also usually takes two payments for a
single SMS.It is the greatest plunderer of al the pvt. phone
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