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Srinagar, August 23(KMS): The Amnesty International has expressed serious 
concern over custodial disappearances in occupied Kashmir and conveyed its 
active support to the families whose loved ones have disappeared.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Amnesty's Canada Group in a statement 
announced to undertake three day fast starting on August 28 to express 
solidarity with the relatives of disappeared persons in occupied Kashmir. It 
said, "the Amnesty supports the Association of Parents of Disappeared 
Persons in Jammu and Kashmir. The statement further said, "it has noted that 
since 1989 there have been thousands of reported disappearances in the 
state. While the authorities estimate the figure at 3744, we believe the 
accurate figure to be probably higher, since many disappearances go 
unreported or unrecorded".

The Amnesty expressed grave concern over the thousands of people who 
disappeared in custody of security agencies that include, the local police 
and its counter-insurgency wing, the Special Operations Group, Indian army's 
Rashtriya Rifles and smaller para-military units.

Meanwhile, Indian troops killed 12 more Kashmiris in continuing siege and 
search operations. The troops claimed to have killed six Guerrillas in a 
clash at Mendhar in Poonch district. Four Indian troops including three 
officers were also killed in the encounter, which lasted several hours. Two 
persons each were shot dead in Doda and Poonch districts while one each in 
Bijbehara and Shopian areas.

In an interview with Kashmir Media Service, former APHC Chairman, Syed Ali 
Gilani said that India cannot intimidate Kashmiris into submission by 
continuing its state terrorism. He emphasised that liberation struggle will 
continue till it reaches its logical end.

Addressing party workers in Surankot, Chairman of Peoples Movement, Ghulam 
Ahmad Mir said, Kashmiris started the ongoing liberation struggle after 
India refused to fulfill its pledge made to them for exercising their right 
to self-determination.

Chairman, Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Front, Pandit Bhushan Bazaz speaking 
at a seminar in New Delhi called upon India to stop human rights abuses, 
catch and kill policy and rescind all black laws on Kashmir. (KMS)


New Delhi, August 23(KMS):  India must recognise the 15 year old Kashmiris' 
uprising, fulfill her pledges with Kashmiris in the UN Security Council, 
withdraw all black laws on Kashmir and stop human rights abuses and catch 
and kill policy in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, this has been stated by the Chairman, 
Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Front (JKDF) Pandit Bhushan Bazaz while 
participating in discussion during a seminar held here under the title, 
'Towards a Peaceful Settlement of the Kashmir Issue'.

He reiterated that Kashmir is a disputed territory and there could be no 
peace in south Asia until its just, dignified and permanent solution is 
secured. For this the UN resolutions on Kashmir or tripartite talks are the 
two alternatives, he said. The Jammu and Kashmir dispute is inextricably 
linked with peace and security in the region and there is greater urgency to 
address the Kashmir issue, which is passing through a flashpoint period, 
Pandit Bhushan Bazaz added.

Pandit Bazaz lambasted Indian government for stepping up custodial killings 
besides arresting and disappearances of Kashmiri youth.


Srinagar, August 23(KMS): In occupied Kashmir, APHC Chairman, Maulana Abbas 
Ansari has said that dialogue can only end the Kashmir issue which has been 
cause of tension in the region for the last over 5 decades.

According to Kashmir Media Service, in a media interview Maulana Ansari said 
talks between India, Pakistan and true representatives of Kashmiri people 
could solve the Kashmir dispute.

Referring to Vohra peace mission, Maulana Ansari said he will not hold talks 
with N. N. Vohra because "his initiative does not take us anywhere". He 
said, Hurriyat Conference would welcome initiative coming from the Indian 
Prime Minister Vajpayee. He said we can find such a decision that people of 
the region can live in peace. (KMS-)


Srinagar, August 23(KMS): Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement said that 
Kashmiris started the ongoing freedom struggle after India's refusal to 
fulfil her pledge made with them for exercising their right of self 

According to Kashmir Media Service, this was stated by Peoples Movement's 
Chairman, Ghulam Ahmad Mir while addressing a meeting of party workers and 
office bearers at Surankot in Poonch district. More than two hundred party 
workers attended the meeting.

Peoples Movement Chairman said India has been engaged in genocide of 
Kashmiri Muslims for the last 56 years in order to perpetuate her 
stranglehold over occupied Kashmir. India he said has been operating 
terrorist bases across occupied Kashmir particularly in the districts of 
Rajouri and Poonch close to Line of Control but blaming Pakistan of 
terrorism to cover up its own crime. Lauding Pakistan's just stand on 
Kashmir, Ghulam Ahmad Mir said that Pakistan has been extending moral, 
diplomatic and political support to Kashmiris. On the other hand, India 
talked of negotiations on Kashmir but instead martyrs dozens of Kashmiri 
youth daily through custodial killings. Arsoning and vandalizing of Muslims' 
property, arrest of innocent youth and forced disappearance by Indian army 
has become order of the day. Peoples Movement Chief said if India is sincere 
about resolving the Kashmir issue it must come to the negotiation table.

Some other prominent party leaders including Secretary General, Mirza Zafar 
Khurshid and Ejaz Ahmad Advocate also addressed the meeting. They reiterated 
the resolve to continue their struggle till freedom from India's occupation 
of Kashmir. (KMS)


Wagoora, Pattan, August 23(KMS): In occupied Kashmir, more than two months 
have passed, but three year old Imtiaz cannot forget his father. Everyday, 
this tender boy runs bare footed to his father's grave and embraces it till 
he falls asleep.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Imtiaz's father Peer Abdul Qayoom and 
brother Masood Ahmad Shah were killed by the Indian troops of 49 GR 
Simurulen in the intervening night of 15th June. Both of them were returning 
from evening prayers when they were shot at in village Daro in Kreeri 
Pattan. "How can he forget his father, he was most close to his father. His 
father loved Imtiaz more than his life", says Touseefa, the wife of Abdul 
Qayyum adding that after his father had been killed, young Imtiaz never 
smiles and always cries for his father. Imtiaz's four brothers and two 
sisters have the same tale to render. Grief stricken by their father and 
brother's death, the young ones of the family are still coming to grips with 
the reality "Tell me should I cry for my father or my brother or curse the 
Indian troops for killing my family members" says Farooq Ahmad, the younger 
son of Abdul Qayyum.

Though army claimed that the father son duo was killed accidentally that 
fateful night, Touseefa argues that the army men knew that her husband 
always came to the home after offering Isha prayers." The army personnel 
knew that my husband was an Imam in a local mosque and used to come home 
only after 10 in the evening so, they fired at him without ascertaining his 
identity, Why did they kill him, only the concerned commanding must know " 
argues Touseefa. (KMS-)


Srinagar, August 23(KMS): An Imam of a mosque in Bandipora arrested by 
Indian troops on August 17 has been missing ever since and there was no 
trace of his whereabouts.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Imam, Noor Muhammad resident of Bankot 
was taken into custody by Indian soldiers on August 17 and sice then there 
has been no information where he is. The local people however, recovered his 
clothes form a nearby jungle which has created doubts about safety of his 
life. (KMS)


Srinagar, August 23(KMS): All Parties Hurriyat Conference expressing grave 
concern over human rights violations by Indian army and its armed agents has 
urged international organisations to pressurise India to stop the 
brutalities being committed against the people of Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Indian troops launched savage 
crackdowns twice during last week at Wachchi and Bandua besides other areas 
of district Pulwama. During the crackdown, the residents were stripped of 
their clothes, beaten up and tortured. Vandalism of the highest order was 
committed by the troops during search operation. The whole area is extremely 
tense, APHC spokesman said.

Citing some of the recent atrocities by the occupation army, the spokesman 
said that Border Security Force (BSF) arrested a young trader, Riaz Ahmad 
Wattoo from his residence at Budshah Mohalla, Lal Bazar in Srinagar on 
August 14, 2003 and since then his whereabouts were not known by his 
relatives. Traders and shopkeepers demonstrated and observed strike on 
Thursday last to protest Riaz Ahmad's illegal arrest. A delegation also 
called upon the police and civil authorities but of no avail.

In another violence related incident, unknown gunmen arrested young student 
Irashad Ahmad Shah, 17 and Riaz Ahmad Shah, 20 the previous day and took 
them to some unspecified place. People of the area held forceful 
demonstration against the incident. (KMS)


Srinagar, August 23(KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Border Security Force waged a 
virtual war of words with Army over Kral Gund Bridge incident alleging that 
one of its officers was humiliated, roughed up, detained and tortured in 
custody by Indian Army.

According to Kashmir Media Service, in a statement here, BSF said the army 
severely beat its sub inspector Ram Mehar Singh and detained him as his 
vehicle attempted to cross Karal Gund bridge while an army convoy was coming 
from the other side.

However, a defence spokesman denied the charges saying this was being done 
to malign the finest force of the country.

He said army convoy waited for the BSF vehicles to pass and then crossed the 
bridge. However, when the army vehicle was about to pass the bridge, a BSF 
vehicle, that had lagged behind arrived at the spot. Despite repeated 
reminders by the army personnel to move backwards, the BSF Sub Inspector 
refused while pointing his gun at army officer, the spokesman said adding 
the BSF man was later overpowered and taken to army headquarters. (KMS-)


Srinagar, August 23(KMS): Amnesty International has expressed serious 
concern over custodial disappearances in occupied Kashmir and conveyed its 
active support to the families whose loved ones have disappeared.

According to Kashmir Media Service, a Vancouver-based Amnesty Group in a 
statement issued at Canada said, "we support the Association of Parents of 
Disappeared Persons in Jammu and Kashmir. We are gravely concerned with the 
thousands of people who disappeared in custody of security agencies". These 
security agencies the statement added, include the local police and its 
counter-insurgency wing, the Special Operations Group, Indian army's 
Rashtriya Rifles and smaller para-military units. The statement further 
said, "we have noted that since 1989 there have been thousands of reported 
disappearances in the state. While the authorities estimate the figure at 
3744, we believe the accurate figure to be probably higher, since many 
disappearances go unreported or unrecorded".

The Canada-based Amnesty Group has conveyed its concern, hope, comfort and 
active support to the families whose loved ones have disappeared. (KMS-)


Srinagar, August 23(KMS): In occupied Kashmir, members from within the 
cabinet are now demanding that the puppet administration begin talks with 
liberation leaders from the Hurriyat Conference. It's the pressure within 
the cabinet that forced puppet Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Saeed to 
publicly call for talks with the Hurriyat, reports Kashmir Media Service.

Now in what could increase the pressure on both the puppet Mufti government 
and New Delhi to reach out to the Hurriyat, 11 legislators have come 
together to formalise their alliance under the banner of the People's 
Democratic Forum. This political party will be headed by Ghulam Mohammad Din 
Sofi and has four state ministers. Their first demand is to hold talks with 
the Hurriyat. Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen, one of the members, said, "The forum 
wants a peaceful and honourable solution of Kashmir issue which is 
acceptable to all parties. We want meaningful dialogue in which Hurriyat 
Conference and other like minded groups are involved". The decision to 
formally create a political party came a day after two of the puppet 
ministers threatened to resign from the troubled state government.  They 
have been demanding more representation in the state cabinet and a sign of 
how tense things have become was on public display when some of these 
ministers walked out of the ceremonial fun

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>After Newstrack & The Srinagar Conspiracy, Vikram Chandra is at it again. 
>Here is an editorial from Greater Kashmir.
>Srinagar 24 August
>The remarks of a media man associated with a premier television channel, 
>who conducted Question Time India a few days at the Hotel Centaur merits a 
>mention. The media man accused the audience of bias. Till date they used to 
>accused the Kashmir media of bias. But, today the audience which comprised 
>people from all walks of life has also been accused of bias. Why? Because 
>the audience did not subscribe to the view point of the channel. How did 
>the channel want the audience to behave any way? The audience held the 
>government of India responsible, and rightly so, for the mess Kashmir finds 
>itself in today. All hands went up when the audience was asked. The 
>audience never knew that the channel will pose such a question to them. 
>And, when the question was asked, the audience reacted. For the information 
>of the media man and his channel, the reaction was spontaneous. It was not 
>planned. And, what the channel had planed did not work for them, 
>fortunately or unfortunately. The persons occupying the front row were 
>there to safeguard the broader interests of the government of India and 
>also the interests of the channel. But the audience proved once again which 
>way the wind blows in contemporary Kashmir notwithstanding the planted 
>questions from the front row. If telling the truth makes one biased, then 
>every Kashmiri is biased. But can the channel boast of cent percent 
>objectivity? No, it cannot. Although it was making the programme for a 
>foreign channel yet it tried its best to project a clean picture of the a 
>dispensation which is responsible for the wrongs committed in Kashmir. This 
>stands proved by the statement of some of the persons occupying the front 
>row. According to them, the channel had requested them to pose questions on 
>mobile phones, favourable change in the situation, unemployment and 
>tourism. Agreed all Kashmiris are biased. But, can the channel expect the 
>people to forget what they have experienced during the past thirteen years. 
>Can they forget the custodial killings and enforced disappearances? How can 
>they forget rape and molestation of Kashmiri women? The Kashmiris will 
>react in a similar fashion whenever they are invited to seminars, debates 
>or a programme like the one conducted at Hotel Centaur recently. Instead of 
>accusing Kashmiris of bias, the channel, nay, the government of India 
>better amend its ways and rectify its previous mistakes by accepting the 
>genuine demand of the people of Jammu Kashmir. The people have witnessed 
>the worst ever period in their history and a television channel cannot bail 
>out its government by hiring some unscrupulous elements, or by accusing the 
>sufferers of bias. The channel must bear in mind that Kashmiris do not need 
>lessons on objectivity. The channel better preach objectivity to its own 
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