[Reader-list] Borderline Stories- call for your participation

Scott Townsend sttwn at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 26 17:51:51 IST 2003

This is to ask for your online participation in the project 'Borderline
Stories', an online and site-specific installation in English and Spanish
(Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, Walker's Point Center for the Arts). These
interactive pieces solicit stories, anecdotes and prejudices from the
audience about stereotypes and immigration groups. The interactive work
collates and shows the responses over the exhibition time-frame within the
local community and the world-wide web. While some individual sections are
more related to the Americas and specific immigrant stories, other sections
are more generalized about the subject and are more relevant to a world-
wide audience.

A fast internet connection helps to access the online work. Please pass this
on to anyone that you think would be interested in sending data and
observing the accumulation of information online. The online address is:


thanks for your interest

Scott Townsend

for Walker's Point Center for the Arts and the Center for Twenty-First
Century Studies, USA

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