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We're running a web site and community for
young Finnish film and media artists. The
site offers communication and feedback tools
and a variety of short movies sent by
the members of the community. We stream
them in all three major formats.

The main site is currently in Finnish only,
but future plans include turning it
into an international project. This
in mind we're now looking for similar
projects/sites/plans in other countries,
to learn and share information and

Please visit http://www.pixoff.net to
get a better picture what I'm talking about.

If you know any similar cases in your area
or network, please forward this mail to
them. We know that Atomfilms and iFilm etc.
exist, but we're looking for more underground,
new, local or smaller etc. projects.

Here's also a brief English info text:

You can contact us at: lassi at provisual.fi
Thank you for your help!

Lassi Tasajärvi

Project Manager

lassi at provisual.fi
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