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This Week's Voices That Must Be Heard
By IPA-New York, a sponsored project of the Independent Press Association 
Edition 80: 28 August 2003. 

Greenpoint is oily by Marek Tomaszewski, Nowy Dziennik / Polish Daily News, 17 August 2003. Translated from Polish by Anna Milewska . 
A big oil leak from 19th and 20th century refineries covers 44 acres in Northern Brooklyn. Two oil companies-ExxonMobil and Amoco-are involved in the clean up program, which started in 1979. MORE.

Martínez protecting landlords, Hoy, 21 August 2003. Translated from Spanish by Hannah Emmerich. 
Activist Ydanis Rodríguez accuses Washington Heights Councilman Martínez of accepting campaign contributions from owners of buildings with housing code violations. MORE.

The rights of Dirty Pretty Things, New York Trend, 25 August 2003. English language. 
Councilmembers, and film director Stephen Frears, push immigrant rights. MORE.

Bodegas and councilman know who to blame for the blackout by Fernando Aquino, El Diario / La Prensa, 22 August 2003. Translated from Spanish by Hirsh Sawhney. 
Group demands compensation from electric companies. MORE.

Hundreds at Queens peace vigil demand end to hate by Partha Banerjee, Akhon Samoy, 26 August 2003. Translated from Bangla by Partha Banerjee. 

Carnage in the food business, Korea Daily News, 18 August 2003. Translated from Korean by Sun-yong Reinish. 

12,000 Jamaicans deported by Brigitte E. Williams, Caribnews, 26 August 2003. English language. 

Civil rights violations are nothing new by Elaine Cassel, Daily Challenge, 24 August 2003. English language. 
The Justice Department's Office of Civil Rights documented 34 "credible" civil rights complaints arising from the implementation of the USA Patriot Act. Only 34? MORE.

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