[Reader-list] Biased, who?

abir bazaz abirbazaz at rediffmail.com
Sat Aug 30 13:00:24 IST 2003

Dear Subba,
The author in question here is the editor of Greater Kashmir. You 
can reach him at editor at greaterkashmir.com...I believe he would 
invoke other editorials where Greater Kashmir has been 
"unbiased".But Greater Kashmir has indeed itself been silent about 
atrocities against ethnic and religious minorities in J&K by the 
militants. I couldn't also agree more with you about the patterns 
of rights violations from 'Burma to Kashmir'.

My sole intention in making this posting was to somehow draw 
attention to the intellectual dishonesty of Vikram Chandra's 
reportage on Kashmir from his days with Newstrack in early 

Abir Bazaz

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 subba ghosh wrote :
>It is unfortunate that Kashmiris including all communities should 
>be facing agression and repression from various agencies state 
>owned and otherwise. But the writer would be more believable if 
>his condemnation included the repression unleashed by the so 
>called "jehadis" "freedom fighters" "militants" "terrorists" as 
>one would like to call them. This added dimension of misery on 
>top of one already suffering at the hands of the state agencies. 
>The  regime of extortion, rape, assassinations and drug running 
>by these outfits all across the state ranging  from burma till 
>Kashmir is well known and documented. Yet the author is mostly 
>silent on these aspects. I would guess the condemnation is 
>against the agression on innocent people no matter which agency 
>it emanates from. The author's silence on this puts a question 
>mark on his own call for being unbiased and objective
>subba ghosh
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