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For immediate release Ā­ November 3, 2003

Contact: Louis M. Brill, Guest Editor
lmbrill at earthlink.net or (415) 664-0694

LEONARDO Volume 36, Number 5

The international journal LEONARDO, a publication dedicated to art and
technology and published by the MIT Press, has collaborated with The Burning
Man Project to publish a special section featuring The Art of Burning Man.
In the October 2003 issue, 20 artists discuss the creative aspects of
designing and building art for Burning Man. Among the many art mediums
discussed are fire, water, lasers, LED light, metal, telestereo optics and
fractal audio. Each essay is illustrated with a photo of the artwork.

The Burning Man Special Section includes an introduction by Guest Editor
Louis M. Brill: Desert Weirdness Introduces a New Era of Art; and a feature
article by Burning Man art curator Christine Kristen (a.k.a. LadyBee): The
Outsider Art of Burning Man.

ArtistsĀ¹ essays are divided into four themes as follows:

SCULPTURE - Michael Christian: Flock.

LIGHT SCULPTURE - Radiant Atmospheres: The Afterlife; Tim Black: L2K Ring
and Ship to Ship; Jeremy Lutes: The Lily Pond; Christopher Schardt: Spin;
Russell Wilcox: Beaming Man.

INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS - Cassidy Curtis and Chris Whitney: The
Telestereoscope; Deidre DeFranceaux and Jann Nunn: The Cradle; Hendrik
Hackl: The Ammonite Project; Cynthia "Kiki" Pettit: Firefall; Kal
Spelletich: The Myth of Sisyphus; Jenne Giles and Philip Bonham: The
Ribcage; Dan Das Mann: The One Tree; Susan Robb: The Golden Tower Project;
Finley Fryer: The Plastic Chapel.

MOBILE INSTALLATIONS - Dana Albany: The Bone Tree; Aaron Wolf Baum: The
Voice of the Nebulous Entity; Lisa Nigro: Draka, The Flaming Metal Dragon;
Steven Raspa: The Futura Deluxe Bubble Fountain and Porta Temple; Austin
Richards: Dr. Megavolt.

This issue of LEONARDO is available now and may be purchased at the Burning
Man Marketplace at: http://marketplace.burningman.com/. To find out more
about LEONARDO subscriptions from The MIT Press, visit
http://www.leonardo.info .

The Leonardo Burning Man project is also accessible on-line at:
http://mitpress.mit.edu/Leonardo/gallery/burningman/ .

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