[Reader-list] A World without Homophobia

rakesh grade at vsnl.com
Tue Nov 4 22:49:37 IST 2003

 Excerpts from 'Homophobia - A Weapon of Sexism' by Suzanne Pharr

"What will the world be like without homophobia in it - for everyone, female and male, whatever sexual identity?

Here are some of the answers women have given:

*KIds won't be called tomboys or sissies, they'll just be who they
are,able to do what they wish.

* People will be able to love anyone, no matter what sex; the issue
will simply be whether or not she/he is a good human being,
compatible and loving.

* Affection will be opened up between women and men, women and women,
men and men, and it won't be centred on sex; people won't fear being
called names if they show affection to someone who isn't a mate or
potential mate.

* If affection is opened up, then isolation willbe broken down for
all of us, especially for those who generally experience little
physical affection, such as unmarried old people. 

* Women will be able to work whatever jobs we want without being labelled masculine.

* There will be less violence if men do not feel they have to prove and assert their manhood. Their desire to dominate and control will not spill over from the personal to the level of national and international politics and the use of bigger and better weapons to control other countries.
* People will wear whatever clothes they wish, with the priority
being comfort rather than the display of feminity or masculinity.

* Their will be no gender roles. "

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