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Thu Nov 6 03:14:08 IST 2003

From: Discordia_Collective
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Subject: Discordia Welcomes Guest Host Natalie Bookchin

This week Discordia welcomes Special Guest Host Natalie Bookchin!

Natalie Bookchin (http://action-tank.org) is an artist who is
currently working with Jackie Stevens (http://jacquelinestevens.org)
on a project called agoraXchange (http://agoraXchange.net), that will
launch on January 14. AgoraXchange is an online project where anyone
can participate in any capacity in collaborating on the game design
for an online multiplayer game that enacts a radical political
alternative to our present world order. She will be discussing using
metaphors of open source and structures of peer to peer networking to
try to organize creative and political projects, and lots of things in


Discordia's question of the week this time is:
What do these sections mean?

Find out: http://www.discordia.us/scoop/special/faq_sections
Join in: http://www.discordia.us/scoop/special/faq_participation

- in the language and style of your choice, of course!


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