[Reader-list] Edition 89: 6 November 2003.

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This Week's Voices That Must Be Heard
By IPA-New York, a sponsored project of the Independent Press Association 
Edition 89: 6 November 2003. 
Advisory editor Javed Anwar, of Muslims Weekly, an IPA member publication. 

Korean and Chinese apparel manufacturers' associations join hands by Jee-won Chung, Korea Times New York, 28 October 2003. Translated from Korean by Sun-yong Reinish. 
This move has generated great interest in the New York apparel manufacturing and business world. MORE.

A Black King rules New York chess, inspiring kids across the nation by Joanne Kontopirakis, Caribbean Life, 14 October 2003. English language. 
Though chess is thought of as a cerebral game, the room is filled with noisy exclamations and schoolyard banter. Losers are called "son," by their triumphant opponents. MORE.

Pakistani businessman in detention for seven months, Pakistan Post, 29 October 2003. Translated from Urdu by Rehan Ansari. 
>From a detention center in Denver Rahman spoke to the Pakistan Post over the phone. He believes that a rival shopkeeper, a non-Pakistani, maliciously tipped off the FBI. Fourteen agents searched his store for four hours and found nothing. He had no criminal record either. Rahman is a legal resident of the United States and is married to a Mexican American, non-Muslim citizen. MORE.

Staten Island speaks Russian by Arkady Kagan, Russian Forward, 6 November 2003. Translated from Russian by Marian Bassett. 
There are 50,000 Russian immigrants living in Staten Island. Russian American Council of Staten Island, a community organization, will seek acknowledgment from the political establishment and fight any form of discrimination. MORE.

Study says New York is cruel to immigrants, America Oggi, 20 October 2003. Translated from Italian by Katherine Sigelman. 

Detained while pursuing a driver's license by Marek Tomaszewski, Nowy Dziennik / Polish Daily News, 29 October 2003. Translated from Polish by Ania Milewska. 

3000 Asian women suffering from domestic violence called hotlines by Sin-Cha Lin, World Journal, 30 October 2003. Translated from Chinese by Connie Kong. 

Bronx Borough President says citizens are frustrated with Bloomberg by Jose Acosta, El Diario / La Prensa, 30 October 2003. Translated from Spanish by Hirsh Sawhney. 

How is your child doing in school? by Mohan Jethwani, Desi Talk, 7 November 2003. English language. 
Are you (parents) involved in school affairs? MORE.

As always we welcome questions, suggestions, corrections and letters to the editor. 

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