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Leonardo- at rt Outsiders 2003 New Horizons Prize
“Prix Leonardo- at rt Outsiders / Nouveaux Horizons 2003”
awarded to Ewen Chardronnet and associated artists for OPEN SKY project

Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology
(ISAST) and Leonardo/L'Observatoire Leonardo des arts et des technosciences
(OLATS) along with the Paris based @rt Outsiders Festival are pleased to
announce that the Leonardo- at rt Outsiders 2003 New Horizons Prize has been
awarded to Ewen Chardronnet and associated artists for the work OPEN SKY.
The jury particularly noted the innovation of the work of the Acoustic Space
Lab network and the artists federated around the OPEN SKY project: Rasa
Smite, Martins Ratniks, Raitis Smits, Radioqualia, and Makrolab coordinated
by Marko Peljhan. 

OPEN SKY is an installation by Ewen Chardronnet based on the conversion of
the Soviet-era radio-telescope RT32 of Irbene in Latvia in the context of
the ongoing research projects of the Acoustic Space Lab collective. The RT32
is a 32-meter former espionage antenna that has been converted for use in
radio-astronomy and fundamental science. Since 2001, artists, radio
amateurs, and scientists have worked together to explore the tactical and
artistic possibilities of the dish. For more information, go to
http://acoustic.space.re-lab.net/ or contact Mr. Chardronnet at
ewen at tiscali.fr. 

The jury also awarded a special mention to the installation “FILE /AIR: The
Ambiguity of Limits” by Kitsou Dubois and Eric Duranteau. The artwork
translates documentation of the work of Kitsou Dubois in zero gravity
parabolic flight into an installation with powerful poetic and sensory
impact. Additional information on the work of Kitsou Dubois, who is also a
previous Leonardo New Horizons award winner, can be found at

The Leonardo- at rt Outsiders 2003 New Horizons Prize Jury consisted of: Roger
Malina (Astronomer and President of the Paris-based Association Leonardo ),
Frank Popper (Professeur Emeritus - Université de Paris 8), Alex Adriaansens
(Directeur of V2 in Rotterdam), Isabelle Rieusset Lemarié (Maître de
Conférences in Information Sciences and Communication Science at IUFM
Versailles), François Michaud (Conservateur at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la
Ville de Paris), and Michel Jaffrennou (author).

The purpose of the Leonardo New Horizons prize is to recognize new types of
work emerging at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology and
to make this work known to a broader audience. This year’s New Horizons
Prize was designed to be awarded to one of the artworks exhibited at the
European Museum of Photography, Paris, in the context of the @rt Outsiders
Festival, dedicated this year to the topic of SPACE ART. Roger Malina, Henry
Chapier (Président of @rt Outsiders Festival), Annick Bureaud (Director of
Leonardo OLATS), and Jean-Luc Soret (Artistic Director of the @rt Outsiders
Festival) devised this year’s special award, which includes a 1000 € prize.
In addition, the winner has been invited to publish his work in the journal
Leonardo (MIT Press) and present his work publicly to the Leonardo networks.

The Leonardo Prizes and this Leonardo- at rt Outsiders 2003 New Horizons Prize
are sponsored by the Program in Technocultural Studies at University of
California at Davis, U.S.A. Leonardo Prizes are awarded by the Leonardo
Prizes and Awards Committee, chaired by Professor Lynn Hershman of the
University of California, Davis.

Press Contacts:

@rtOutsiders Festival: Yannick le Guillanton — 01 44 78 75 20 or
le.guillanton at art-outsiders.com

Leonardo/OLATS: Annick Bureaud — annick at nunc.com

Leonardo/ISAST: Melinda Klayman — 415-405-3335 or isast at well.com

Further information on the Leonardo Prizes and Awards program can be found
at http://www.leonardo.info

Further information on the @rt Outsiders Space Art Exhibition and Conference
can be found at http://www.olats.org and at http://www.art-outsiders.com

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