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Tactical Sound
Call for Submissions
Issue 3 – Re: Radio

Tactical Sound is a quarterly compilation of findings and keepings 
from a quest for sound in active service towards human liberation.

Special emphasis for issue three will be notes towards a political 
history of radio. Essays, interviews, primary source reprints and 
documentation are invited. Please contact Tactical Sound by December 
21st with your concepts for this special issue. Submissions due: 

Ideally, the issue will present a political history of radio spanning 
from invention to webcasting.
Issues of interest include but are not limited to:
co-evolution with the record industry and television;
propaganda radio projects (imperialist and revolutionary);
tactical war-time radio projects;
pirate radio and micro-broadcasting movements;
"clear-channelization" and radio monopolies, religious and secular;
radiophonic art and experimentations;
guerilla disruption, interference and infrastructural sabotage;
utopian radio theory / projects.

If interested, please contact:
Tactical Sound  c/o Alexis Bhagat  100 Decatur Street  Brooklyn, NY  11216
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