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This Week's Voices That Must Be Heard
By IPA-New York, a sponsored project of the Independent Press Association 
Edition 90: 13 November 2003. 
Advisory editor David Mark Greaves, of Our Time Press, an IPA member publication. 

Diversity Visa Lottery met with lukewarm response by Irish. by Georgina Brennan, Irish Voice, 6 November 2003. English language. 
Complicated requirements and paranoia that undocumented immigrants will be giving themselves up to Homeland Security if they apply online are some of the reasons for the low interest level. MORE.

Rappers dead prez racially profiled, and fighting back by Damoso Reyes, Amsterdam News, 30 October 2003. English language. 
Rap group dead prez said that the $400,000 lawsuit they will file in federal court against the NYPD is more than just rap-it's an effort to curb police brutality in the force and hit the city deep in its pockets. MORE.

Heretical blues of Hasids who left the fold by Oren Yaniv, Maariv, 3 November 2003. Translated from Hebrew by Oren Yaniv. 
On top of the enormous challenges and identity crisis this metamorphosis entails, unbelievers have to face life in a big and difficult metropole, often without any support, advice or outside assistance. MORE.

Chinese kids struggle with racist parents and high expectations, Children's PRESSLINE, 11 November 2003. English language. 
Generation and cultural gaps will always exist between parents and their children. But with the Asian students we talked to, the chasm seems to affect all family interactions. MORE.

Teachers continue to teach without getting paid by Claudia Zequeira, El Diario / La Prensa, 5 November 2003. Translated from Spanish by Hillary Hawkins. 

City residents are urged to claim food stamps by Rosa Margarita Murphy, El Diario / La Prensa, 4 November 2003. Translated from Spanish by Hirsh Sawhney. 

Extreme harassment: Two Bangladeshis, one a green card holder, detained, Bangla Patrika, 7 November 2003. Translated from Bangla by Moinuddin Naser . 

Black artists still locked out of mainstream museums by Charles Baillou, Caribbean Life, 4 November 2003. English language. 

New Polish studies department at Columbia by Danuta Szafraniec, Nowy Dziennik / Polish Daily News, 3 November 2003. Translated from Polish by Ania Milewska. 

Let us have a turn at politics: if patriotism is what they're speakin', you can bet they'll soon be thievin' by Vladimir Levin, V Novom Svete, 14 March 2003. Translated from Russian by Ilya Perchikovsky. 
Brighton Beach wants to have its own hand in policymaking in the city council. MORE.

As always we welcome questions, suggestions, corrections and letters to the editor. 

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