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The Daniel Langlois Foundation begins a year of consultations to assess the
impact of its programs and decide on future directions.

Montreal, November 13, 2003 - In keeping with its mandate and goals, the
Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology has funded some
55 projects by international artists and 108 projects by organizations
worldwide since 1997. Over the years, the Foundation has undertaken such
major projects as an exhibition of drawings by filmmaker Sergei M.
Eisenstein as well as the DVD-ROM DigitalSnow spotlighting a lifetime of
work by the prolific Canadian artist Michael Snow. It has also set up its
Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D) at the Ex-Centris Complex in
Montreal to document history and contemporary practices at the crossroads of
art, science and technology. This centre, which is like no other in the
world, has quickly developed into an essential site for doing research in
the field. In total, the Foundation has channelled about $12 million in
funding into its programs and activities.
The Foundation's mandate is to advance knowledge in art and science through
direct contact with technologies. The aim is to nurture a critical awareness
of how technologies influence humans and their natural and cultural
environment. The Foundation also hopes to encourage the exploration of an
aesthetic that reflects the evolving human environment. Therefore, thematic
focuses include art, science and technology, art and the environment,
development in emerging regions, and research into preserving digital
As a follow-up to its many accomplishments, the Foundation has decided to
step back and assess the impact of its activities and funding. As a result,
the Daniel Langlois Foundation is placing a moratorium in 2004 on its two
main programs: the Research Grants for Individual Artists or Scientists and
the Strategic Grants for Organizations. During this freeze, the Foundation
will thoroughly review the effects of its funding and activities worldwide
so it can devise strategies for the future that are better tailored to its
different clients. Note that the moratorium doesn't apply to the Program of
Grants for Researchers in Residence.
Jean Gagnon, Executive Director of the Foundation declares: "The aim of this
period of reflection is to consult the people and communities concerned by
our areas of activity. Given how circumstances have evolved artistically,
socially and economically these past few years, it is important to rethink
some of our approaches so we can find better ways to assist the individuals
and organizations that best reflect our philosophy and goals. Through
research missions, we plan to head out into the field to meet with the
various players and learn what circumstances they face and how we can have a
lasting and structuring effect on the developments sought in certain regions
and fields."

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Jean Gagnon, Executive Director
The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology
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