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It's here:

Also see:

'Shoot-to-kill' demand by US

Martin Bright, home affairs editor
Sunday November 16, 2003
The Observer

Home Secretary David Blunkett has refused to grant diplomatic immunity to 
armed American special agents and snipers travelling to Britain as part of 
President Bush's entourage this week.

In the case of the accidental shooting of a protester, the Americans in 
Bush's protection squad will face justice in a British court as would any 
other visitor, the Home Office has confirmed.

The issue of immunity is one of a series of extraordinary US demands turned 
down by Ministers and Downing Street during preparations for the Bush visit.

These included the closure of the Tube network, the use of US air force 
planes and helicopters and the shipping in of battlefield weaponry to use 
against rioters.

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