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Dear Reader-List subscribers,

Since media and the city is a recurring them on 
this list and certainly in the scope of the Sarai 
initiative, I wanted to forward this announce for 
your information about a book and DVD recently 
released at De Balie in Amsterdam, reflecting 
upon a series of media art projects in public 
urban space in Moscow, Amsterdam and Ekaterinburg 
in the Fall of 2002. The book contains some 
interesting essays reflecting on media, the 
public sphere and urban space.

check also the web journal: http://www.debates.nl

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Debates & Credits
Media / Art / Public Domain

Book and DVD Released

As the final part of the Dutch Russian art and 
media project Debates & Credits, a book and DVD 
documenting the project and reflecting on the 
outcomes have recently been published by De Balie 
in Amsterdam. The texts are written in both 
English and Russian.

Debates & Credits explored the poetics and 
politics of public space in Amsterdam, Moscow, 
and Ekaterinburg, through a series media art 
actions specifically designed for the urban 
landscape. The book provides a full documentation 
of the art and media projects that were executed 
in the frame of Debates & Credits in these cities 
in the Fall of 2002. The book includes a 
full-colour print section, as well as video 
documentations on the accompanying DVD.

After the execution of the actions, which were 
documented in a web journal, we asked a number of 
distinguished colleagues to reflect critically on 
the outcomes and the issues raised by the 
project. This has resulted in a number of 
challenging essays, as well as an artist 
contribution by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, who had 
been working in the same period on highly similar 
projects engaging the interface of media and 
urban space. His work is introduced in the book 
by art and media theorist Timothy Druckrey.


Essays were contributed by:

- Viktor Voronkov, sociologist, director of the 
Center for Independent Social Research, Saint 
- Oliver Marchart, political and cultural 
theorist, works at the Media Studies Department, 
University of Basel
- Max Bruinsma, freelance critic, lecturer, 
curator, and independent consultant editorial 
design, Amsterdam
and by the curators of Debates & Credits:
- Tatiana Goryucheva, art theorist, historian of media art and curator, Moscow
- Eric Kluitenberg, media theorist, writer and 
organiser on culture and technology, Amsterdam


Artists participating in Debates & Credits:

Archeopteryx (.ru) / Arno Coenen (.nl) / Oleg 
Kireev & the Getto collective (.ru) / MACHINE 
(.nl) / Galina Myznikova & Sergei Provorov (.ru) 
/ Leonard van Munster (.nl) / Arseni Sergeev 
(.ru) / park tv (.nl)


Overview of Content:

Essay No.1: Eric Kluitenberg, "Virtualité, adieu 
mon amour. What happens when 'our' media 
encounter the 'real' world?"

Essay No.2: Tatiana Goryucheva, "Minima 
Sententia. Instrumentalisation of the Image and 
Simulation of Public Communication"

Photo Essay: "Moscow Brands: Who speaks for the Public?"

Reports about the art projects of Debates & Credits (word and image)

Commentary: Timothy Druckrey, "Relational 
Architecture: the work of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer"

"Legal / Illegal" - Declaration and Report from 
the Moscow Open Net Parliament, Oleg Kireev & the 
Getto collective

Essay No.3: Oliver Marchart, "Media Darkness. 
Reflections on Public Space, Light and Conflict"

Essay No.4: Viktor Voronkov, "Life and Death of 
the Public Sphere in the Soviet Union"

Essay No.5: Max Bruinsma, "Just Use It!"

Frequently Asked Questions about the Public Domain



Web Journal:

More materials, reports, images and videos can be 
found on-line in the web journal of Debates & 



You can order the Book/DVD on-line via Nijhof & 
Lee International Booksellers at:



Publication details:

"Debates & Credits - Media / Art / Public Domain"
Tatiana Goryucheva & Eric Kluitenberg (ed.)
Publisher: Uitgeverij De Balie, Amsterdam
Year of publication: 2003
pp. 144
Includes DVD
ISBN: 90-6617-298-3


De Balie
Centre for Culture and Politics

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