[Reader-list] street musicians in mumbai (project)

RAJU-SHELU rajincommand at btinternet.com
Sun Nov 23 18:20:20 IST 2003


I am an animation student in the UK. I was looking for a particular sound clip from streets of mumbai.
I dont know if you have come accross, but we sometimes get to see these half naked men on streets beating themselves with a hunter while another guy plays drums...that is a very provocative sound to the ears, a little pragmatic. i am searching for that sound to add to an animation project of mine. this project consists of one such indian street scenes as well.

i will be really grateful if you could help me locate this sound from somewhere...maybe you have come accross it, maybe you have watched some indian movie that has this sound...you know any help will be really appreciated.

please mail me at the above ID at your convienience.

thanks and regards
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