[Reader-list] cut.up.magazine is looking for writers and artists

Bas van Heur basvanheur at gmx.net
Fri Dec 3 03:20:59 IST 2004

Cut.up.magazine is a new online magazine for marginal culture. Every two 
weeks we publish five new articles and a range of reviews. A selection 
from our recent past: textual sampling and musical recycling; the 
bingobus from Utrecht to Amsterdam; cut-up techniques; hallucinating in 
Las Vegas; soccerplayer cum artist Raymond Cuijpers; and book- and 
cd-reviews on mediatheory, audio-culture, experimental music and 
festivals. Text and Image.
Cut.up, however, wants more and is looking for textual and visual 
contributions. In other words: we want people who know how to produce 
interesting texts and images. Genres do not interest us: interviews, 
abstract art, academic analyses, landscape-pictures, critical reviews as 
well as literary experiments are what we want.
Take a look at www.cut-up.com <http://www.cut-up.com/> and let us know 
how you can do better. You can submit your stuff in English, German and 
More information: bas van heur, bas at cut-up.com <mailto:bas at cut-up.com>
cut.up.media @ www.cut-up.com <http://www.cut-up.com/>
[the art of living in a medialised landscape]
po box 313
2000 AH Haarlem
The Netherlands

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