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A conversation around the themes of synesthesia and other sense experiences
relating to the convergence of vision, sound and pre-aware cognition.
Perception, in the context of this discussion, need not be limited to the
apprehension of external stimuli, instead extending to the highly subjective
territories of the mind perceiving its own process.

For the next few weeks we will be exchanging our ideas regarding work and
research which explores the intersection of sensory motor modalities and the
challenges and mysteries of motor control, perception and representation.
Co-moderated by jackbackrack, Nancy Paterson and William Tremblay.


jackbackrack is an artist and research scientist at the MIT AI Lab.  His
research is on robotics, sensor networks, and programming languages.  He
runs an art technology group, called the Collision Collective, and curates
art technology shows, called Collisions, along with Dan Paluska and Brian

Nancy Paterson is a Toronto-based new media artist best known for mediaworks
such as STOCK MARKET SKIRT. She is currently working on a research project
titled MULTI, exploring the relationship between collaboration, creativity
and synesthesia. This project also deals with symbol cryptography and next
generation information processing.

William Tremblay is an artist and interactive media programmer living in
Boston. He creates interactive sculpture guided by emotional and symbolic
resonance, but suspects that physical objects posess very diminished
relevance in today's world.

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