[Reader-list] Indic IME toolbar

surekha at servelots.com surekha at servelots.com
Thu Dec 9 10:36:54 IST 2004

Hi all,

Raghavan & myself have come up with a Indic IME toolbar which can be added 
to Mozilla or Netscape browsers. 
  Using this Indic IME toolbar, one can 

    * type in Indian Languages in web pages

    * send emails in Indian Languages

    * edit documents in composer's HTML source mode,
      save to file system and/or take a hard copy of the same.

 The IME functionality is implemented using Javascript
event handling. This toolbar can be directly installed from

 ( or Visit Indicart, this Indic work reposiotry at 
   http://mail.sarai.net:8080/indic and search for toolbar )

 Though there are localized linux operating systems available with IME 
 support at the OS level, this toolbar will be helpful for those who do 
 not want (or wait for the) the entire application/os in local languages 
 but just want the facility to type in Indian Languages in web pages. 
Please send your comments/suggestions/feedback to  
Surekha [ surekha AT servelots DOT com ] and/or 
Srinivasa Raghavan Kandala [ raghavan AT servelots DOT com ]


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