[Reader-list] Leading Rock Band in India Announces it ¹ s Open Music License

Lawrence Liang lawrence at altlawforum.org
Mon Dec 20 11:15:54 IST 2004

Hi All
Bangalore based rock band ³Thermal and a Quarter², who have in the past few
years created quite a reputation for themselves have announced the release
of their next album on an open music license called the ³Thermal and A
Quarter Open Music License². Over the next eight weeks, you will be able to
download a new song every week. I am including the link to the Thermal site,
as well as a small extract from their introduction to why they are going
down the open content route. Here is hoping for more such initiatives
For a visual or text version of the license see:
³We (Thermal and a Quarter) are an independent music band, which has been
producing original music for the past eight years. Thermal and a Quarter (
TAAQ) has self-produced and distributed three independent albums, which we
have distributed through informal networks. Our biggest connection with our
listeners has been through more than 150 live concerts, most of which have
been organized by the band itself. Our aim remains to reach as many people
as possible with our music through our concerts and recordings. We
acknowledge that you, our listener are an important factor in the spread of
our music.
We recognise that the internet offers bands like ours an immense opportunity
to reach out to a much larger audience, within India and internationally. We
are also inspired by initiatives like the Creative Commons which promotes
greater possibilities for collaboration and creation between musicians.
We would like you, our listener, to spread this music as much as possible
within the liberal constraints of this open music license that has been
created to make sharing our music easy and convenient. Unlike many recording
contracts, we believe in giving our music the maximum freedom. We would also
like you to support us and enable us to continue making original music by
attending our concerts and purchasing our albums.
We have therefore decided to take the lead in announcing the rel4easse of
our latest album Plan B, on a free to download basis under the terms and
conditions of the "Thermal and a Quarter Open Music License" 

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