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Mon Dec 20 11:18:43 IST 2004

India International Centre

cordially invites you to a screening of the film
Kitte Mil Ve Mahi – Where the Twain Shall Meet(72 min; dv; 2004;
Punjabi with English sub-titles)Directed by Ajay Bhardwaj who will
introduce the filmScreening will be followed by a discussionOn
Thursday, 30th December 2004 at 6.30 pm in the Centre's Auditorium

 KITTE MIL VE MAHI - Where the twain shall meet

 This film contends the dominant perceptions of the economic and
spiritual heritage of Punjab. It does so through a people's narrative
on the preservation and regeneration of its 'little' traditions, which
often appear seamlessly cultural and political.

 Travel to the heart of Punjab. Enter a world of Sufi shrines
worshipped and looked after by Dalits. Listen to B.S. Balli Qawwal
Paslewale, the first generation Dalit Qawwals born out of this
tradition. Join a fascinating dialogue with Lal Singh Dil—a radical
poet, a Dalit, converted to Islam. Meet the last living legend of the
Gadar movement, Baba Bhagat Singh Bilga, who contests the subversion
of a common past, while affirming a new consciousness among Dalits,
within and beyond Punjab.

 The interplay between the constituents of this mosaic brings to light
the triple marginalisation of Dalits--- amidst the agricultural boom
that is the modern Punjab, in the contesting ground of its 'major'
religions, and in the intellectual construction of their 'syncretism'
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