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Franck Ancel has been questioning technology for the past fifteen years, by
tracing lines from the avant-garde art movements of the last century to
recent mutations of creation on a planetary level. He has in this way
organized or coordinated conferences, exhibitions, installations and
performances in contact with associations and institutions. The last to date
is the one-man retrospective of Jacques Polieri, the creator of modern
scenography, by the French National Library.

Since the 9/11 attacks, Franck Ancel sets up collaborative-interactive
actions that question art, image and technology on 20th century
architectural sites. In October 2002 at the monastery built by Le Corbusier
and Xenakis near Lyon, then in September 2003 at a listed auditorium in
Catalonia. The show questions the visitor outside conventional "borders", by
projecting a "networking" of data onto "screens". Now in Paris, the heart of
the urban network becomes the theatre of his operations. In the age of the
launching of new technologies for post-Internet mobile communication that
prefigures a generalized interconnexion in France called "smart mobs" by the
American visionary Howard Rheingold.

Ten years after the invention by a computer scientist at the European Centre
for Nuclear Research in Switzerland of the World Wide Web file exchange
protocol that brought the Internet within everyone's reach,
"Being = Network" brings the year 2004 to a close - and the project of a
triptych - with a loop that began with "From the image to the virtual //
thinking the screen" then with "Walter Benjamin>< Marcel Duchamp".
This third show will light up Square 18 June 1940 in Paris.
The screen of the Van Wagner Company on the
Montparnasse Tower will host a visual composition integrated with the stream
of media, with an image projected and conceived from documents deriving from
all these productions like particles that accelerate faster and faster in a
rhyzomatic vision.

On thirty-six square metres, windows of videos, movements and lights play an
inside-outside with the project intermittently in the context of the site.
To dancing rhythms, the one and the other defragment the spectator's eye and
habits by making key words appear: mobile - wireless - digital. Announcing a
new action in real time for 2005 between this screen in Paris and another
screen in Los Angeles, USA.

This is the production of an image acted by our memory more complex than a
simple animation. It introduces questions of artistic freedom in this
networking of data, of the project. A take off to leave all modernist
references behind for good, out of bounds. A still imaginary localization
yet geographically alive in the city, to visit with a glance, towards
another world that represents an open way of inhabiting the planet.

Email: info at franck-ancel.com
GSM: 33 0 677 804 966

Free showing from 7 P.M. to 1A.M. several times an hour
>From Saturday 11 to 31 December 2004
Screen of the Montparnasse Tower opposite rue de Rennes - Paris


This is an invitation, but if you wish being to remove our contacts.
Answer this email with for object "STOP thank you".

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