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January on -empyre- :

Nova Media Storia: Histories and Characters

With  Jill Scott, Nick Montfort and Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Is new media a field? Does it have a history? What history? And, how does it

The new year brings us the pleasure of hosting three lively minds from the
interdisciplinary worlds of new media science,  art and humanities.  Noah
Wardrip-Fruin (US) and Nick Montfort (US) will explore the genesis and
critical issues that have lead to the publication of The New Media Reader
(MIT Press 2003), a compendium of intertextually annotated readings from the
last century. To the double helix of art and computation in new media, Nick
and Noah hope to interweave empyrean comments in the coming month.  With
Noah and Nick, we are honored to share time and thoughts with a
distinguished new media artist, Jill Scott, whose new book,  "Coded
Characters" (Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2003),  explores the mediation and role of
the audience, as well as the mythical representation of the human body on
both stage and screen, are constantly questioned.  Jill's nomadic hegira,
from the Bay Area to Australia and to Europe, bears witness to a consistent
development of new media art as a series of cyberphysical metaphors--analog
figures, digital beings, and mediated nomads.

Please join Jill, Nick and Noah this coming month on -empyre- soft-skinned

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Nick Montfort writes on interactive fiction, the literary uses of
artificial intelligence and machine learning, game studies, and
analogies between new media, narrative and poetry. At the University of
Pennsylvania, where he is a PhD candidate in computer science, Nick
researches computational aspects of behavioral game theory. Recent
publications include  "Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to
Interactive Fiction" (MIT Press, 2003), regarding such "text adventures" as
Adventure and Zork from literary and computational perspectives.


Jill Scott and her oeuvre have contributed to a new concept of the human
body with respect to its functionality as an interface and as a player in
the rapidly developing technological spaces and in physical reality.
Since 1975, her work has evolved from making surveillance-performance
events, to video art, and onto new computer art and interactive cinema.



Noah Wardrip-Fruin is a new media scholar and artist. He has recently
edited two books, both from MIT Press - The New Media Reader (with
Nick Montfort, 2003) and First Person: New Media as Story,
Performance, and Game (with Pat Harrigan, forthcoming). As an artist
his work focuses on new media text, including The Impermanence Agent
(a storytelling web agent that "customizes" based on reader browsing
habits) and Screen (an immersive VR text that interacts with the
reader's body). His work has been presented by the Whitney and
Guggenheim museums, as well as discussed in reference books such as
Information Arts (MIT Press) and Digital Art (Thames and Hudson).



Transmedia artist


Adjunct, Department of Architecture, c/o Hargrave Studio, California
Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California

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