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Mon Jan 5 16:37:58 IST 2004

Born to Sing
A documentary film by Shikha Jhingan
Screening at the India Habitat Centre (Gulmohar) 
on 12 January, 2004 at 7 p.m

Born to Sing is a musical journey of Mirasans, who sing life cycle ritual songs for their patrons in Punjab. Through an encounter with four Mirasans and their songs, the film explores the rich musical and oral tradition carried on by these women across religious boundaries. What is the nature of their relationship with their landowning patrons? What happens when Punjabi pop music takes the entertainment industry by storm? How are the Mirasans dealing with dwindling patronage and pressures from men of their community? The documentary tries to grapple with these concerns faced by the Mirasans, who find themselves shunted out from their expressive traditions. At another level, the documentary draws on music as a vehicle to explore the resilience of Malwa’s composite culture. 

Duration: 44:30 minutes Language: English/Punjabi

Camera: Sabeena Gadihoke; Sound: Surinder Prasad Singh; Editing: Shikha Jhingan; Music: Traditional songs by the Mirasans

The director of the film, Shikha Jhingan will be available to respond to questions and comments after the screening. 

Enquiries: shikhaj at vsnl.com

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