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Sir, the required clarifications. Here is the byline which you seem to have missed:

Train to Delhi: Hell Zone for Kashmiris
Tales of harassed Kashmiris in Delhi-bound trains
GK Special Correspondent. 

The GK, as you must know, is Greater Kashmir- the most widely read English newspaper in Kashmir. The report appeared on the 2nd of January
since there’s been a problem with GK archives, it seemed useless to give a link for the article as the window would have opened on the GK front page of 3rd January. The web address of GK is www.greaterkashmir.com. You can ask the GK about the name of the Special Correspondent because they hadn’t given it. In any case, I am not the GK Special Correspondent. You can reach the editor at editor at greaterkashmir.com. 

I hope I also don’t owe you an explanation as to why it appeared on a “Pakistani reading list”. I am not to blame if Pakistani reading lists lift stories published this side of the LoC for circulation on their list.

Lastly I volunteer one more clarification: Why I forwarded this piece to the reader-list? Because I have myself experienced harassment everytime I traveled by train to Jammu from Delhi or to Delhi from Jammu. This has forced me to always travel in AC coaches which I always cannot afford. So you see, Mr. Vij, I am solely motivated by economic concerns. You don’t believe me? Maybe I owe you a few other clarifications.

With due respect,

Abir Bazaz

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>From Shivam Vij
zest_india at yahoo.co.in:

Why does this article not carry the link where it has ben published. The name of the reporter should also have been there since such a story would not be published sans byline. I googled for it and found it in a Pakistani reading list, with the only difference that there the report's location was not Srinagar but 'Occupied Kashmir'. Clarifictions required. 
Shivam Vij 

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