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IFJ Journalism For Tolerance Prize

For Excellence in Journalism Combating Racism and Discrimination

Entries Close 27 February 2004

The IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize is about promoting tolerance, combating racism and discrimination and contributing to an understanding of cultural, religious and ethnic differences. The Prize is an annual competition among journalists from all sectors of media with a simple objective: to promote better understanding among journalists from all communities of the importance of tolerance and defence of human rights, particularly when it comes to reporting on minorities. The Prize rewards individuals and their work, promoting benchmarks on how to tackle discrimination in whatever form it comes - whether on the basis of language, religion or belief, or ethnic origin.

The Prize promotes editorial independence, high standards of professionalism and journalists' ethics, and diversity in media. The Prize targets a number of key regions where coverage of minority affairs is often fraught with difficulties and tension. The Journalism for Tolerance Prize, which is supported by the European Union, is driven by values of journalism and is organised by journalists themselves.

The Journalism for Tolerance Prize is awarded in five regions: Latin America; Central and Western Africa; Eastern and Southern Africa; South Asia and South East Asia In each region, the Prize will be awarded for outstanding reporting on actions to combat racism and discrimination.

Each region will have a total pool of Euro 3,000 to award to the winners. Prizes may be awarded for different categories of media including print/on-line (including photography), radio and television. Winners and finalists will also receive a certificate of recognition. The winners and finalists will be invited to attend a prize giving ceremony and forum in their region in mid 2004.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

The IFJ is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that promotes co-ordinated international action to defend press freedom and social justice through the development of strong, free and independent trade unions of journalists. The IFJ mandate covers both professional and industrial interests of journalists. The IFJ administers other prizes including the Lorenzo Natali Prize for Journalism.


* Entry forms are available from the IFJ Prize Co-ordinator, journalists' organisations in each of the regions or online -http://www.ifj.org/default.asp?Index=2120&Language=EN

* Entry is free and will close on 27 FEBRUARY 2004

* Open to all media including television, radio, photography and print/on-line

* Entries for South Asia will be accepted in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Sinhala and Nepali.

* Entries must have been published/broadcast between 1 JAN 2003 and 31 DEC 2003

For more information, entry forms or information about the prize including previous winners visit: http://www.ifj.org/default.asp?Issue=TOLERANCE&Language=EN

 Or contact: Laxmi Murthy +91-9818383669, E.mail: ifjsouthasia at hotmail.com




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