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Kenneth Fields ken at ccom.edu.cn
Sat Jan 24 11:06:00 IST 2004

DAO: Digital Art Ontology Project

An Invitation to Collaborative Knowledge Building  (Please Distribute)

This is a call for collaboration in the design of a standard (in the 
dynamic sense of the word) digital art ontology. If you are interested 
in issues of how concepts in media art intermap with neighbor or upper 
structured knowledge domains, then please contribute your expertise 
toward what is intended to be a (re)useable knowledge base resource for 
our community.  Knowledge domain experts must contribute toward 
knowledge organization efforts (digital libraries, semantic web, 
concept representation and navigation) in their field. Now is the time; 
it’s either specify or be specified.

DAO is an open ontology initiative. We plan to focus both on the 
methods for online collaborative ontology building, as well as our 
content goal – the creation, maintenance and extension of an online 
dynamic media arts knowledge base.  The DAO project is to be a resource 
for the standard upper (SUO) and middle ontology efforts that are 
underway. Knowledge domain specification is an extremely challenging 
undertaking, especially in such an encompassing and dynamic field as 
digital media arts. Thus, we are seeking varied perspectives, multiple 
levels of participation (obsessed ontologists, lucid lurkers, devout 
developers), multi-lingual vocabularies (how do you translate 
technoetic into Chinese), and interdisciplinary talents (computer 
music/literature/art, acoustics/optics/dsp, theoretical, semiotic, 
ontological, eye/ear, consciousness, cybernetics, etc.).

When you visit our portal at http://dao.cim3.net, you have the option 
of going to the wiki or the the dao-forum listserv (subscribe), both of 
which await your involvement – we’re just beginning.

Hope to hear from you.

Principle Inquirist :
Dr. Kenneth Fields
Professor Media Arts/Computer Music
CEMC - China Center for Electronic Music
Central Conservatory of Music
43 BaoJia Street
XiCheng District
Beijing, China, 100031

Digital Media Lab
Central Academy of Fine Arts
Beijing, China

Email: ken at ccom.edu.cn URL: http://cemc.ccom.edu.cn

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