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Wed Jun 2 01:12:38 IST 2004

To: Leonardo Network
From: Roger Malina, Julien Knebusch

I would like to bring to your attention this opportunity:

Colloque Melilla / Melilla Symposium
18-20 July 2004 

Call for Poster Presentations and Invitation to attend:

A Colloquium on Art/Science/Spirituality Reconnections Within Emerging
Planetary Cultures 

Web site with further information: http://www.olats.org

Persons wishing to attend the Colloquium: http://www.melillafestival.org

Host: First International Festival of Cultures, Melilla, Spain

Poster Submission Deadline: June 20, 2004

Leonardo is pleased to announce a collaboration with the City of Melilla and
the Al Andalus Foundation, for a colloquium on the reconnection of art,
science, and spirituality. This intercultural dialogue is offered as one
contribution towards cultural developments within the new planetary context.

Modern cosmology and physics emphasize the interdependence of complex
systems on scales from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Contemporary
genetics reveal the underlying shared genetic identity not only of all human
beings, but the genetic relatedness of all life on earth. Current scientific
discoveries reconnect science to a number of philosophical and spiritual
traditions. These reconnections offer the promise of the development of new
philosophical and value systems appropriate to new emerging linked planetary

Artists and scientists have been at the forefront of the use of these new
systems to build life enhancing cultural developments in linked planetary

This colloquium, with 20 participating artists, scientists and philosophers,
(see http://www.olats.org for a list of participants) is intended to be a
listening post, an opportunity for inter-cultural dialogue and a specific
step towards magnifying and amplifying emerging new planetary cultural

The choice of the City of Melilla as the host for this colloquium is not an
accident. Melilla has a millennial history of multi-cultural, multi-lingual
synergy and dialogue within the Mediterranean context. The city offers
itself as a podium to communicate outcomes of this first colloquium: to make
real the opportunities for the reconnection of art, science and spirituality
for the building of new 21st century planetary cultures.

Call for Posters

Leonardo is issuing a call for posters for the colloquium from artists,
scientists, engineers and philosophers.

A poster presentation lasts at maximum 5 minutes. Posters will be also
displayed during 3 days in the colloquium public spaces. If you cannot
attend the Colloquium in person, you may send a VHS cassette which could be
displayed for 5 minutes.

There is no funding available for participation in the symposium, but there
is no registration fee and there are reduced hotel rates and travel on
Iberia. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please contact the
following email address: julien_knebusch at yahoo.fr and submit an abstract
(500 words maximum). You are encouraged to submit also website addresses
where any texts on your work could be found.

We are seeking presentations that present specific scientific and artistic
projects, and make visible the cultural/philosophical/religions situations
that set a priori conditions and constraints on approaches and specific

The official languages of the colloquium will be English and Spanish, with
simultaneous translation also into French.

Examples of topics:
- Planetary cultures as new creation of worlds
- Planetary consciousnesses: towards spiritual developments
- Experiences of networks (collaboration, artistic and scientific work,
community building) in different cultural contexts
- Scientific discoveries and artistic work which cast new light on humans as
inhabitants of a single planet

Partial Funding for this Leonardo project has been provided by the Ford and
Rockefeller Foundations and UNESCO DIGIARTS.

For Further Information: http://www.olats.org click on Melilla button.

Send email poster proposals to: julien_knebusch at yahoo.fr 500 words and URL.

To attend: http://www.melillafestival.org/

NEW ADDRESS! Please note our new contact information as of May 1, 2004:

211 Sutter Street, Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94108
phone: (415) 391-1110
fax: (415) 391-2385
Email: isast at leonardo.info
Web: http://www.leonardo.info

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