[Reader-list] Volunteers required for preparation of a Dossier on Ragging in India

Shivam Vij zest_india at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jun 3 22:31:44 IST 2004

Volunteers required for preparation of a Dossier on
Ragging in India

People's Action for Change and Enforcement (PACE) is
prepaaring a Dossier on Ragging in India for the
benefit of students, teachers, human rights activists,
journalists, and researchers for which we are looking
for volunteers across India. We need at least one
volunteer in every state with reasonable amount of
access to the internet. Volunteers are 
primarily required to give us information about
ragging practices and the 
status of ragging before and after the Supreme Court's
landmark anti-ragging judgement in 2001. 

The dossier will be a comprehensive, exhaustive source
of a variety of information and views on ragging in
educational  institutions and their hostels. It shall
be made available on our website (under construction) 
as well as in a CD which shall be made available to
anyone who asks for it. 

The CD shall be sent along with a press release to
leading media organisations. The dossier shall be
updated annually.

The dossier will provide pointers towards these areas:

   * ragging and society;
   * ragging and the law;
   * ragging and the media;
   * ragging and class;
   * ragging and caste;
   * ragging and sexuality;
   * ragging and memory
   * ragging and educational institutions;
   * ragging and academicians;
   * ragging outside India: Sri Lanka, Britain, USA
   * the anti-ragging movement in India and Sri Lanka.

Are you game? Remember that we can't offer you
anything more than 
credit in the dossier and a volunteer certificate. You
can, however, take it 
to be a stepping stone towards involvement in other
PACE projects.

Apart from money we are also short of time. We want
the dossier 
completed by 20 June 2004, and distributed in the
first week of July 2004. So 
mail us right away at pace4change @ yahoo.com
(Subject: ragging) about 
how you can help us. If there are any institutions
into research or 
humman rights activism that can help us in any way, we
shall be very 
grateful to them.

Even if you cannot be a committed volunteer, you can
help us by mailing in any articles, views, knowledge
or information that you have about any aspect of
ragging. We would be grateful to anyone who can send
us articles (in English or Hindi) that have been
published in print but are not available on the Net. 

We are also interested in any academic research that
has been doen on the subject of ragging, and any
articles about the history of educational ragging in
India, Sri Lanka, and Britain. Articles that claim to
have statistics are another area of curiousity.

Another area we shall be looking at is the relation of
ragging with memory, for which we would appreciate if
you could send us or direct us towards alumni musings
that romanticise ragging.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

  Sachin Agarwal  (tellsachin @ yahoo.com)
  Secretary, PACE
  3 June 2004

Our postal address: 
People's Action for Change and Enforcement (PACE)
Post Box No. 20 
Ram Sagar Mishra Nagar
Lucknow - 16 (INDIA)

Phone: +91 94152 55042

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