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Sun Jun 6 05:40:58 IST 2004

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that Jagori is organizing the screening of 
the Documentary Film “About Baghdad” in collaboration with Habitat  World.

The film is by Sinan Antoon, an exiled Iraqi writer and poet who
returned to Baghdad to see what has become of his city after wars, 
sanctions, decades of oppression and violence, and now occupation.  Antoon
takes us on a journey exploring what Iraqis think and feel about  the
post-war situation and the complex relationship between the US and  Iraq.

About Baghdad is a journey into the hearts and minds of the hundreds of 
Iraqis encountered. In the simmering heat of Baghdad’s summer, Iraqis  of
various ethnic and political backgrounds and orientations, speak of  part
horrors and present fears. Reflections on the traumatic legacy of 
dictatorship, sanctions and war also reflect the resilience and
humanity of a people who were, for decades, dehumanized and disappeared 
behind Saddam’s image. From poets to politicians, cabbies to
communities, a retired senior citizen to an American soldier at
Bremmer’s headquarters, About Baghdad navigates the dire and often 
misunderstood and misinterpreted, yet involving, both Iraqis and

Date: June 19th 2004
Time: 6.30p m (the duration of the film is about two hours)
Venue: Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre

We cordially invite all of you for the screening of About Baghdad.

Jagori Team

C-54 Top Floor,
South Extension-Part-II,
New Delhi-110049

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