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Shivam Vij zest_india at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jun 5 16:09:23 IST 2004

Call for entries

We are looking for original articles, anywhere between
a paragraph to 
2,000 words long, on the subject of ragging. Articles
should be more 
fact than opinion, and should tell the story of how
you or some 
acquaintance of yours ragged or was ragged at the

You can choose to write under your name, a pseudonym
or anonymously. 
We will guard your identity with our lives if you want
us to do so. 
All we want you to do is to speak up, speak out. We
can't pay you for 
the article as we are an upstart NGO. Your
contribution will be in a 
Dossier on Ragging in India, made available on the Net
in our website 
(under construction) and in a CD made available to
leading media 
organisations, journalists, researchers, legal
experts, academicians 
and anyone who asks for it.

Some pointers of what you could include your article:

* name of the college;
* year(s) of the incident;
* degree and kind of ragging, with specific details;
* whether or not the ragging was sexual (stripping and
details required);
* particular traditions of ragging in the institution
* the time-period through which ragging continues;
* how did the writer take in this ragging: good, bad
or ugly;
* how did the college administration react: ignorance,
acting upon complaints; pre-emptive action;
* how, if at all, anti-ragging laws affected ragging
in the 
* did you initially regret ragging or you disliked it
all along;
* did you rag? why? how?

DEADLINE: Sunday, 13 June 2004. 
EMAIL: anti-ragging @ yahoogroups.com
(You do not have to be a member of the anti-ragging
mailing list to 
send a mail to the above ID.)

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sachin Agarwal,
Secretary, PACE
4 June 2004

Our postal address: 
People's Action for Change and Enforcement (PACE)
Post Box No. 20 
Ram Sagar Mishra Nagar
Lucknow - 16 (INDIA)

Phone: (0) 94152 55042
Email: pace4change @ yahoo.com

o o o o o 

Our mailing and discussion list:


Countless suicides, a couple of murders, and dozens of
laws later the practice of ragging continues in
educational institutions in India and Sri Lanka. This
group is meant to debate, discuss and disemminate
ideas about ragging. This group is also a platform for
members of the Anti-Ragging Cell of the People's
Action for Change and Enforcement (PACE) to
co-ordinate their activities throughout India. 

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