[Reader-list] Mail about a Hero

Amitabh Trehaan atrehan at sarai.net
Wed Jun 9 17:37:43 IST 2004

  heres a mail I got:

 >Hello Guys this mail is about one of the Great son of
 >Mother  India.
 >So please take some time from ur busy schedule
 >and read it with a
 >great sense of Respect.
 >During The Attack on Akshardham temple on 24th  Septmeber 2002 this
 >man fought the Greatest battle of this life.. Yes he was the N.S.G.
 >Commando Late Mr.Surjan Singh who sacrificed his life for the Nation.
 >Sadly On 19th May 2004 he Lost the Toughest and  Longest battle against
 >Life..Exactly after 600 Days being in Coma he lost this life. The
 >Which hits him in the head made him Unconcious for almost 600 days.His
 >Family members were hoping that one day their Hero will open his eyes
 >he didn't.It was the Longest Wait for the family members of this Brave
 >When the whole india is busy in Guessing abt Who will be the Next PM of
 >the Country..
 >  Will it be Sonia or  will it be Manmohan singh,This man was fighting
 >his Last battle.
 >   But it's so Sad that in the hype of all the Political Drama, the
 >News abt his Death was Lost like
 >a Niddle in a  Grass.Not even the Leading News Papers & So Called
 >Best News Channels  of india which Works on 24 X 7 basis, were Failed
 >Highlight this storyof a Brave Man. Unfortunately It was some where on
 >middle page of Some newspaper.....This was the Reward for the Brave
 >for which he lost his life..
 >Besides his Family members, Only one thing is there
 >with him During these Toughtest 600 days.It was there
 >near his bed till the last Moment.Can you Guess what
 >is thing?...............
 >It was the "Tiranga",Yes our National Flag which was
 >Waving and
 >Saluting him for his Great Cause..Absolutely No words
 >can Suffice our
 >Gratitude towards him..So Pls forward this mail to as
 >many people as
 >you can. This is the only way we can Salute his
 >Jai Hind

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