[Reader-list] apologies for virus

Simon Yuill simon at lipparosa.org
Thu Jun 10 20:22:14 IST 2004


Apologies for this "call for entries" email that keeps popping up on 
this list in my name.

I originally sent the message back in February or so but it appears to 
have been picked up and propagated by a virus.  The email addresses 
that it is being sent under are not ones that I use.

As far as I can tell the virus itself is not on my system as I have had 
no other incidences of this happening (nothing comes up on a virus 
check and I don't run Windows). However, I am going to temporarily 
unsubscribe from the list and suggest everyone just deletes any 
messages appearing under my name for the time being - perhaps the list 
mod could put a block on them even?

best wishes,

PS - any comments please send to me directly.

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