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Jeebesh Bagchi jeebesh at sarai.net
Wed Jun 16 14:13:31 IST 2004

With this kind of public research methodology, i think ritika is making 
a very critical intervention in our research ethos. A minor mphil in a 
university departments begins a lively process of being an attractor for 
people to think and build critical resources togather. otherwise all 
these mphils gets lost and rarely appears into any public conversations. 
looking forward to more reserach blogs and building of public critical 
resources and conversations.


Ritika wrote:

> hi, recently i re-read a chapter of this book by  - William Cronon: 
> Nature's Metropolis – Chicago and the Great West. I re-read as it made 
> more sense to me and i could find more similarities in what he had 
> written his book and what i have observed in my ongoing fieldwork. 
> What this particular chapter of Cronon's work does is that it gives an 
> environmental perspective on the history of Chicago - through the case 
> of the stockyard and meat trade. The excerpts of the chapter have been 
> added in my blog.
> http://blog.sarai.net/users/ritika
> Feel free to pass the blog link to people you think might be 
> interested in this work or are doing something similar...
> Cheers
> Ritika
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