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>>>>> Caecilia Tripp & Jean-Christophe Royoux
>>>>> 17/06/2004 ­ 18/07/2004
>>>>> Roomade, Koopliedenstaat 60-62, B1000 Brussels
>>>>> Open from Thursday to Sunday, from 11am through 19pm
>>>>> We kindly invite for a drink at the occasion of the opening of the
>>>>> exhibition Global Islands Wednesday June 16th, 2004 from 17pm to 20pm
>>>>> at Roomade, Koopliedenstraat 60-62, B1000 Brussels.
>>>>> Barbara Vanderlinden
>>>>> Director
>>>>> Roomade
>>>>> For more information see our website: http://www.roomade.org/en/index.html
>>>>> ----
>>>>> Global Islands: Reunion as Agora, (Une agora réunionnaise) is an
>>>>> ³archipelago² film in 10 parts (210 min.), produced in collaboration with
>>>>> the post-colonial critic Françoise Vergès. It puts into relation the
>>>>> subjectivities of the various narrators; together they weave the entire
>>>>> history of an island with its multiple origins. Reunion, in the heart of
>>>>> the Indian Ocean, is a "global island" at the crossroads of African,
>>>>> European, Islamic and Asian cultures. It is a landmark that embodies
>>>>> Europe¹s role in the history of globalization, characterized by
>>>>> colonialism, slavery, Indian indentured labor (engagisme), and finally
>>>>> political assimilation into the French Republic.
>>>>> As a particularly active zone in the translation, interpretation and
>>>>> appropriation of cultures, the culture of Reunion has become a model of
>>>>> the phenomena of "creolization" in which we are all now involved to some
>>>>> extent. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the notion of ³creolization² has
>>>>> been used increasingly by intellectuals and artists to describe and
>>>>> interpret the practices of cross-breeding and hybridization endemic to
>>>>> globalization. Initially coined in
>>>>> the context of Creole societies, the term implies an intellectual,
>>>>> spiritual and aesthetic opening-up to a wide diversity of experiences
>>>>> emerging from different cultures. With creolization, ³identity² itself
>>>>> becomes unidentifiable, the concept of a community yet to come, a
>>>>> perpetual process of transgression of all existent identities.
>>>>> Using the form of an exhibition installation, Global Islands: Reunion as
>>>>> Agora attempts to explore the effects and the methods of creolization in
>>>>> Reunion during the last thirty years. It examines the different ways in
>>>>> which multiple cultural identities interact with each other to reveal an
>>>>> amazing flexibility of process through which identities can be
>>>>> constructed. Thus the question of "identity" is not approached via the
>>>>> search for origins, but rather as a problem of translatability of the
>>>>> stories through which the participating narrators represent their history.
>>>>> It reverts to asking what narrative forms can be used to evince this
>>>>> relation between such different discourses of origins.
>>>>> Global Islands: Reunion as Agora can be described as a plurivocal
>>>>> archipelago. Some of the participating narrators call the creolization
>>>>> processes specific to the island ³reunionity². In order to chart the
>>>>> cultural diversity of this island, the tensions and contradictions that
>>>>> occur within it must not be avoided.  It is therefore a question of
>>>>> allowing each narrator in this ³visual symposium² to experience the
>>>>> inherent tensions of the situation and thus prevent any fixed
>>>>> representation of ³the Reunion identity.²
>>>>> The exhibition invites spectators to a specific experience of
>>>>> "creolization² through a process of reflection that is firmly rooted in
>>>>> the reality of multiple narratives.
>>>>> With: Laurita Alendroit-Ankrake, Gilbert Aubry, Rabia Hosman Badat,
>>>>> Fabrice Banor, Christophe Barret, Jack Beng-Thi, Ghislaine and Philippe
>>>>> Bessière and Rasine Kaf, Dominique Carrère, Attila Cheyssial, Gilbert
>>>>> Clain, Mickaël Crochet, Emmanuèle Delossedat, Nelson Dijoux, J. René
>>>>> Dreinaza and Batay Coq, Prosper Eve, Thierry Fontaine, Sudel Fuma,
>>>>> Nathalie Gonthier, Anny Grondin, Bertrand Grondin and Radio Pikan, Joël
>>>>> Grondin, Serge Icard, Idriss Issop-Banian, Christian Jalma, Saminadin Axel
>>>>> Kichenin, Lucette Labache, Carpanin Marimoutou, Ninine Michaud and
>>>>> Fabienne Sevaye, Antoine Minatchy, Jean-Max Moutiapoullé, Michel Nasseau,
>>>>> Nathalie Natiembé, Alain Padeau, Michèle Picardo, Jean-Claude Picardo,
>>>>> Colette Pounia, Gilbert Pounia, Christiane Rafidinarivo Rakotolahy,
>>>>> Ginette Ramassamy, Jean-François Reverzy, Florence Rivière, Michèle
>>>>> Rivière, Eugène Rousse, Daniel Singaïny, Swami Prémânanda Puri, Thierry
>>>>> Nicolas Tchakaloff, Françoise Vergès, Paul Vergès, Jean-Paul Virapoullé,
>>>>> Danyèl Waro, Edith Wong-Hee-Kam, Live Yu-Sion, Wilhiam Zitte, and Elsa,
>>>>> Lionel, Nassur, Sanjiv, Leïla, Alexandre, Marine.
>>>>> Special guests: Edouard Glissant and Stuart Hall.
>>>>> Curator: Barbara Vanderlinden
>>>>> Produced by: The Regional Council of Réunion, the French Ministry of
>>>>> Culture and Communication and the FRAC-Réunion.
>>>>> Press Contact: Phone +32 475 34 12 44, +32 473 61 71 93, e-mail:
>>>>> office at roomade.org <mailto:office at roomade.org> , http://www.roomade.org

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