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You are invited to the following screenings:

1.    The Boy in the Branch, 27 mins
2.    Men in the Trees, 98 mins
Both directed by Lalit Vachani

3.    Final Solution, 150 mins [shorter version]
Dir: Rakesh Sharma

Date:     19th June, 2004, Saturday Time:    2:30 p.m.
Venue:  Juhu Jagruti Hall, A.J. Commerce College, 1st
floor, Opp NM College, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Amrit Gangar

This has been organized by various institutions. The
idea is to 
sensitize the middle classes [particularly Gujarati]
about Gujarat genocide.

o o o o o

I am enclosing information about my recent film -

Final Solution ( India; 2004; Digital Video format -
miniDV; 209 

Awards : Wolfgang Staudte award and  Special 
Jury Award (Netpac), Berlin International film 
festival (Feb 2004).
Silver (Best Doc category)/Humanitarian award, 
HongKong International film festival.
Special Jury Mention, Munich Dokfest.
Special Award instituted and given by NRIs for a 
Secular and Harmonious India (NRI-SAHI), USA.

Festivals:  Berlinale ( International premiere 
of the film), HongKong, Fribourg,  Hot Docs 
(Canada), Zanzibar, Durban, Commonwealth film 
festival (UK), One world filmfest (Prague), 
Istanbul  1001fest, Singapore, Flanders 
(Belgium), World Social Forum (Mumbai; Indian 
premiere), Vikalp (Mumbai filmfest organised by 
Campaign against Censorship) and several other 

Please let me know whether you will be interested 
in acquiring a copy of the film for your 
institution/ library.  I'd be very grateful if 
you could forward information about the film to 
your colleagues and friends, especially those 
teaching at Universities or working with 
institutions/NGOs, asking them to support the 
film by buying copies. Please note that copies 
are available at a discount for individuals/ 
activists/ students. Please also note that the 
film has distributors in different countries - 
so, to place an order or for price queries, 
please send your postal address as well.


Rakesh Sharma

Final Solution is a study of the politics of 
hate. Set in Gujarat during the period Feb/March 
2002 - July 2003, the film examines the 
consequences of Hindu-Moslem polarization in the 

Part 1 : Pride and Genocide deals with the 
genocidal violence against Moslems and its 
immediate aftermath. It probes the patterns of 
pre-planned violence by right-wing Hindu cadres 
which many claim was state-supported, if not 

Part 2 : The Terror Trail reconstructs through 
eyewitness accounts the attack on Gulbarg 
(Ahmedabad) and acts of barbaric violence against 
Moslem women at Eral and Delol/Kalol 
(Panchmahals) even as Chief Minister Modi 
traverses the state on his Gaurav Yatra.

Part 3 : The Hate Mandate documents the poll 
campaign during the Assembly elections in Gujarat 
in late 2002. It records in detail the 
exploitation of the Godhra incident ( in which 58 
Hindus were burnt alive) by the right-wing 
propaganda machinery for electoral gains.

Part 4 : Hope and Despair studies the situation 
after the storm and its impact on Hindus and 
Moslems - ghettoisation, the call for economic 
boycott of Moslems and continuing acts of 
violence more than a year after the carnage.

The film is anti-hate/ violence as "those who 
forget history are condemned to relive it".

Dir: Rakesh Sharma  Tel : +91 98203 43103
<mailto:finalsolutionindia at yahoo.com>carnagefilm at yahoo.com

/ <mailto:actindia at vsnl.com>actindia at vsnl.com

Final Solution has been shot and edited on DVcam; 
it is subtitled in English. Copies of the film 
are available on VHS pal / Video for Rs 2000 for 
NGOs/ activists groups/ libraries and 
organisations. Copies are available for Rs 1000 
for Individuals and for Rs 600 for students/ 
grassroots activists. Please mail a bank draft 
payable at Mumbai favouring Rakesh Sharma to : PO 
Box 12023, Azad Nagar post office, Mumbai 400053.

Rakesh Sharma began his film/TV career in 1986 as 
an assistant director on Shyam Benegal's 
Discovery of India. His broadcast industry 
experience includes  the set up/ launch of 3 
broadcast channels in India: Channel [V], Star 
Plus and Vijay TV and several production 
consultancy assignments. He has now gone back to 
independent documentary film-making. His last 
film Aftershocks : The Rough Guide to Democracy 
won the Best documentary film award at Fribourg, 
Big Mini-DV and at Big Muddy and won 7 other 
awards {including the Robert Flaherty prize}at 
various festivals in USA and Europe during 
2002-03. It has been screened at over 90 
international film festivals.

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