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[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP ~ E-Journal - Vol.6
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004 <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004>
editorial at the end of this text--->
1 [R][R][F] 2004 --->XP - News!!
2. global://Havanna and Split - new media art additions
1. News
The 3rd presentation suite
includes in June two media festivals hosting
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP nearly simultaneously
VI Salon y Colloquio International de Arte Digital - Havanna (Cuba)
21-24 June www.centropablo.cult.cu <http://www.centropablo.cult.cu> 
International Festival of New Film and New Media Split/Croatia (26
June-2 July) www.splitfilmfestival.hr <http://www.splitfilmfestival.hr>
b) [R][R][F] 2004 --->XP announces a new "Memory Channel"
to launched in coming September on occasion of its participation in
Biennale for Electronic Arts Perth/Australia
www.beap.org <http://www.beap.org> (7 September - 17 November 2004)
--->SoundLab Channel, which will be dedicated exclusively
to soundart in its various forms.
--->Call for soundart submissions
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/call_soundart.htm <http://www.newmediafestorg/rrf2004/call_soundart.htm>
Deadline 27 August 2004.
2. global://Havanna and Split - new media art additions--> 
~E-Journal - Vol.5
features numerous new additions to following "Memory Channels"
a) VideoChannel - video works from Italy
b) Program Channel - Counter Surveillance by Rozalinda Borzila
c) Violence Channel - Iraq project - new featured artists
a) after curatorial contributions from
Romania, Spain, Chile and Malaysia to VideoChannel,
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
is featuring the contribution of video art from Italy
curated by Laura Chiari (Rome)
including Alessandro Orlandi, Speranza Casillo,
Lorenzo Oggiano, Gruppo Sinestetico,
Andrea Ferrara, Fiorella Nicosia, Polytimi Patapi
and as an individual art work addition 
-->the suite of video poetry by Wilton Azevedo (Brazil),
entitled "Quando assim termino o nunca....."
The participation in the Festivals in Havanna and Split was an excellent
occasion to do this.
The streaming video works and detailed biographical info
about the curators and artists can be
accessed via VideoChannel on www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/ <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/>
or www.le-musee-divisioniste.org/mediacentre/ <http://www.le-musee-divisioniste.org/mediacentre/>
or directly from this email via www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/vchannel.htm <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/vchannel.htm>
DSL broadband Internet connection required!!
Program Channel 
features the addition of a new module i.e. the project 
"Counter Surveillance" by Rozalinda Borzila (Romania/USA) 
"Geography Lessons (... cont.) 
Increasingly, the spaces we navigate are policed through technologies 
of visualization and information management. The X-Ray machine, 
racial profiling practices, surveillance devices, scrutiny of documents, 
fingerprinting etc are meant to make everything, visible or invisible, a 
vailable for inspection. Justified through the imperative of security, 
vast databases track our movements, health records, purchases, 
reading habits, web navigation and so on. 
And much is at stake in representation. 
This series of small interventions in highly controlled spaces began 
shortly after September 11th 2001. Using a video camera as a way of looking back, 
I shoot images in airport security zones: inside X-Ray machines, at passport check points, 
immigration control, baggage claim. 
Geography Lessons (... cont.) is an on-going archive of these video images, 
a structured and somewhat absurd system of unauthorized counter surveillance, 
a meditation on the nature and implications of representation. 
This website contains excerpts of a few videos taken around, and inside of, airport X-Ray machines." 
(artist's statement)
Violence Channel 
is featuring the project "Virus" by Grègoire Zabé 
" IRAQ - the war and post war periode", 
a new ongoing project. 
Artist go down to the post war situation in Iraq from most different views. 
The torture executed by US military against Iraqi prisoners 
shocked the world and made of the war in Iraq a never ending story.
Currently these artists joint the project and are featured
Jaqueline Heer, Brian Goeltzenleuchter
dlsan and Jody Zellen
and hopefully more will join--->
There works can be accessed on the artistic body of
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP at "Violence Channel"
on www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/ <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/>
--->Call for submissions to Iraq project
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/call_iraq.htm <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/call_iraq.htm>
Deadline ongoing.
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
is part of --->
01. National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti/Romania (5 March - 30
02. Bergen Electronic Arts Centre Bergen/Norway (5 March - 28 March)
03. New Media Art Festival Bangkok (Thailand) (20-28 March)
04. Now Music Streaming Festival Berlin - 7 April
05. Version'04 Festival - Invisible Networks - Chicago/USA - 16 April-01
06. Electronic Art Meeting - PEAM 2004 - Pescara (Italy) 19-23 May
07. BASICS Festival Salzburg/Austria - 8-16 May 2004 -
21-24 June
09. International Festival of New Film and New Media Split/Croatia (26
June-2 July)
The next edition of ~E-Journal Vol.7 will be published on occasion
of the third physical presentation suite in June--->
-->public_space_festival Yerewan/Armenia 23 July - 03 August
-->West Coast Numusic & Electronic Arts Festival Stavanger/Norway 17-22
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
global networking project
by Agricola de Cologne,
media artist and New Media curator from Cologne/Germany
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/ <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/>
rrf2004 at newmediafest.org <mailto:rrf2004 at newmediafest.org>
As a corporate part of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||Cologne,
the project will develop and operate until deep in the year 2005.
In case, you missed one of the email ~E-Journals,
all volumes of ~E-Journal can be found on
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/ <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/>
in the section ~E-Journal
As an extension of the global networking project,
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP ~ E-Journal
will be edited periodically
in order to feature projects, curators, artists and other networking
instances on a textual information basis.
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